Tuesday, May 31, 2005


So I was going to write last week, but I honestly just didn't know where to begin.
On Monday I was going to write about the fabulous and fun weekend I had with TC at my friend's wedding. But, it was really hard for me to write that day because I was so upset.
And an upset post just didn't seem right after the "name my husband" survey post.

On Monday I found out that a guy I fell for last year had died. He died a few months ago, but I only just found out on Monday. I was pretty sad about it all week and it prevented me from writing about the weekend. I dated him from January - mid-March last year. I can't even begin to describe my feelings for him or how I feel about it now. I just keep crying every once in a while when no one is around to see. And I never cry. It's almost like my upset feelings are pouring out....I bottle them up way too much. I think this just put me over the edge....and out came the rain/tears. On top of that, Friday right before I left for Chicago I got sorta-bad news from my doctor. Nothing I haven't dealt with before already (like five times) but I'm sick of it. I want it DONE. NOW.

Well, now I have two weekends to write about....and I will. Later. In separate posts. Wedding weekend and Chicago weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Survey says...?!

I now have a survey on the front page. You can choose the name of the guy I will marry.
If you are confused, check out my blog entry from May 18, 2005.

Tell your friends to vote....such geeky fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My future hubby's name is Chris...

....or Tom, Jeff or Tony.

My mom called me yesterday to inform me my future husband's name had to be Chris. She got this theory based on a weird coincidence that my mother's family happened to do in the 70's.

See if you can follow this. My mom and her siblings.
Ron - Older Brother
Kathy - Older Sister
JoAnne - Younger Sister
Rick - Younger Brother

Ron married a Cathy
Kathy married a Jim (then later Larry, she follows her own rules apparently)
JoAnne married a Ron
Rick married a JoAnne

It made it quite confusing for us cousins growing up...."Hey Uncle Ron!" ....."which one?".
So apparently my cousin Tom has decided to continue this tradition. He is pretty serious about a girl named Danielle. Since his sister Sarah is dating a guy named Chris, my mom came to the conclusion that I will marry a Chris. I pointed out that if I was going to follow the "rules" that technically his name could be Tom or Jeff since those are my male cousins names. (I only have a sister). And I said since Sarah isn't married, but is serious about Chris and that counts, then my sister's serious boyfriend Tony could also count.

How hard will I laugh if I actually do marry a man named Chris, Tom, Jeff or Tony?

Did you follow all of that? :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

C is for cookie. And commitment.

Why oh why am I so afraid to commit myself to something (or someone?).

So I put a deposit down on a condo...and have felt a little giddy and sick to my stomach ever since. I decided to go with the Fremont Lofts where my friend TC is also purchasing. I know it's a good idea and a good investment, I'm just nervous. if you want to check it out.

I had a pretty good weekend, and I didn't have any success finding a date for the wedding, but lucky for me I have good friends and TC decided to go with me. TC had a party Sat night and Tom and I went out on Friday night. I ran into my Irish friend Friday night. He asked me to call him but I don't know why...he never calls me. Men are so weird like that.

I also got to talk to a friend I haven't had a good long talk with in at least two years. Went to college together....we were good friends, but I had no idea how well he really knew me.
I'm glad I got to talk with him though, I got to walk down memory lane and think about the past. Which left me thinking all night and even all day today. In fact, it made me think of someone in particular.

Ever wonder if you met the right person for you but it wasn't the right time?
I'm a firm believer that there is more than one person out there for you, but that you have to meet that right person at the right time for you and for them. I'm hoping that next time I'll recognize him. I think last time I didn't recognize him...but that's okay...I wasn't ready.
Now I'm ready...but now I'm too busy....New York, Condo, Health. I need to work on that first.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Come fly with me...

Come fly away!

I have found a favorite new artist. His name is Michael Buble (boo-blay; it's french). You might have seen him on the Starbucks commercial....that is where I found him. He's like a combination of Frank Sinatra's sound and Elvis's sex appeal. I love it. He has a concert coming up in Boston...I might go.

So I looked at more condo's yesterday. One was a repeat place, and Martha agreed that she liked it as well. It would need a little work but it would look great once I do some work on it. It is also in a very good area. I liked another one, but I also managed to fall down the stairs. Lucky for me Martha was ahead of me on the stairs and she caught me about halfway down. I was literally falling head first feet up in the air, so I probably would have seriously been hurt had she not braced herself and stopped me from falling any more than four stairs. Lucky for me she is always there when I need her. :)

So...conclusion is, found two places I like...but nothing I love. Bummer. This condo purchase thing is hard work. In other news, I am still putting together some people for New York, contact me if you are interested. And...I need a date for a wedding and a concert coming up.
Maybe if I posted a really cute picture of myself people would want to go. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Start spreading the news..

..I'm leaving today...I want to be a part of it...New York, NEW YORK.

So the play I directed will be performed in New York City. This is going to take up a LOT of my free time. Expect me to be busy. I'll think about checking email.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hey baby...what's your blood type?

Ok, so no one used that line on me today while I waited in line at the lab.

BUT, someone did try hitting on me at the lab.

I was waiting patiently in line to get poked for the 2nd time in three days, (I am now covered in bruises, who else bruises while getting blood drawn?) when this guy asked me "so how was the Elvis special?" It took me a minute to realize that he was reading my planner, in which I had noted that there was an Elvis special playing this week.

A little creepy...the man is reading my planner while hitting on me while waiting in line to get blood drawn for reasons we don't know yet about each other.
I had a nice conversation with him about our ailments. But it was creepy.

Although when I walked away I wondered if it would have been different had be been good-looking and closer to my age. Is this a sign of desperation?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you wished your mother a happy mother's day and did something nice for her. Something to keep in mind for older are nice, but gift certificates to restaurants and movies are nicer. Something they can use is always nice.

But if you need to kiss up to your lady always use flowers. :)

So I haven't looked at too many more condos yet, but I have gotten my pre-approval and narrowed down what I am looking for as well. At the rate I am going, I will never find a "used" place that I like, and I am probably only going to buy where my buddy TC has already purchased a condo.

On Friday it was confirmed that I have PCOS, this is something that I have known for a long time, but for some reason I need the doctors to believe it with all sorts of fun poking and prodding tests. For those of you who don't know what PCOS is, it's the leading cause of infertility among women. Go to to find more info.
I have a ton of options in front of me right now for treating it, but the main thing I need to do right now is lose weight. So no one is allowed to say anything if I start losing weight or if you don't think I am eating enough. I'm trying to be healthy so I can be a mom someday myself. It's actually very fitting that this happened Mother's Day weekend. I have been thinking about the whole motherhood thing and adoption and what it will all mean to me.
I do know one thing, I would like kids one day.

So this weekend my friend TC and I helped throw a party for our friend's birthday. It started with a Murder Mystery Dinner that her boyfriend put together. We had 8 people and we all got dressed up and played out our parts to see "who done it". It turned out that the jazz singer character that I was playing was also a hired assasin. I was supposed to kill the guy, but I accidentally got the wrong one. :) It was A LOT of fun. I am definitely going to do a few of these murder mystery dinners. After the dinner we had some people over and I managed to stay up until 6am. Most people had left by 3am and then we (TC, Remby and I) stayed up until about 5am. Remby went home and then TC and I did Tarot card readings. It was eerily accurate. TC and I stayed up and talked about what it meant and what is going on in my life. All in all it was a very emotional weekend for me. I don't cry, but I did about four times this weekend.

A fun quote from the weekend:
JR: "We can go back to my place."
DL: "Don't you live with your parents?"
JR: "I have my own room."
JR: "It has it's own bathroom off of it."
DL: "Well that's a bonus!"

:) too funny.

Monday, May 02, 2005

My old posts

So last summer I decided to make a webpage and started a blog...but I only wrote in it for two weeks. Anyway...I decided to post that stuff here with the real dates in case anyone was interested.
It's funny looking back at when I wrote some of the items...especially about the Texan.'s May. I still talk to him. :)
And one more note, that cat's name is now Princess. And here is a picture of her:
Oh yeah...and wearing jeans to work? Looks like those no brainer fashion magazines worked. I hardly ever wear jeans to work. :)


Can you believe it's September already?

My roommate would like me to mention that we got a cat. Her name is Lyra.

She's cool for a cat. :)

I went out to dinner with Tom, he has some great unique ideas. One of
these days he needs to write them down. We discussed men and women
driving. I am going to write a book someday about how nine times out of
ten it seems to be a woman driving that ticked me off. On a cell phone or
in a van or SUV or a truck. His theory was that men have more driving
time on the road. Something like that.

So I got to purchase my furniture for my new office at work. Fancy
schmancy stuff. I'm psyched.

Oh yeah, and I need to make a list of cool pick up lines. I said
something to Tom and he said I should use it as a pick up line. And it's
actually Martha's idea. And inspired by my dad. :)

I leave you with a quote from my dad: "Get in the boat!"
August 30, 2004 almost 11pm.

Second day of my new job! My new title is: Director of Information Systems and Training.
sounds impressive huh? I like it. I also get to pick out my own desk and
chair. I think I like the massage office chairs...
The Texan left town this morning. I will miss him. More than I thought.
It has definitely given me something to think about. He was a really really nice guy.
I'll write more about work much to do, so little time.
August 26, 2004 8:38 AM

It's my second to last day at my temp job. I'm going to miss the folks here. Not just the co-workers but the clients as well. They are really very sweet and nice people.

My roommate and I partied like rock stars once again last night. We have so much fun together. My friend "Smokin Joe" was in town from Chicago so we decided to have a BBQ. It was a blast. A bunch of the guys came over as well. We probably stayed up a little too late but it was worth it.
I had a "revelation" last night while at the Dive. I'm probably going to end up marrying one of my friends. I have so much fun with them, it just makes sense.
My roommate had a revelation as well. She's bigger than most girls and is really intimidating to the girls banging on the bathroom door. They were banging and yelling at the door even after she said "one minute please".
After she whipped the door open, they flattened themselves against the wall and said "oh...umm..we didn't think anyone was in there."
My roommate's response?

August 17, 2004 10:30 PM Sex and the City is on...

When my roommate gets home from work she likes to watch TRL. This week on TRL they had a girl on who is going to speak at the Republican Convention in New York City. (The DNC also had a speaker she was around 11 years old).

This girl looked old enough to vote.
Anyway, the VJ or the Host, or DJ, whoever it was asked her why she was supporting Bush.

Her response?
"I feel strongly about education and Bush is going to lead us out of Iraq"

Umm, hello?

Yeah, I'm voting for Kerry.
August 17, 2004 Noon

So I was thinking about having my own webpage. My own domain name, Forums,
blogs, etc. I thought it might be cool. Problem is...I don't really like to share. I don't want anyone to steal my writing or ideas.
But I want to write and maybe even let other people share my work.
It's a thought...
And bonus, it would be good practice for me to learn some skills I may need in my new job.
August 16, 2004 8pm

There is a furnished corporate rental apartment above mine. Currently there are some guys from Texas staying there. Martha and I met them and hung out with them this weekend.

Tonight while on the computer, I can hear them on the porch. Then all of a sudden I see two Miller Lite cans tied to a string or rope of some sorts being dangled above our balcony.

Martha and I yelled out "What are you doing?"

The reply? "Fishing" (in a nice southern Texas drawl)

Martha and I cracked up.

It's definitely one of the most creative ways anyone has ever caught my attention. :)
August 16, 2004
Here is the start of my blog. I have read a bunch on the internet, and I thought maybe I should start one. Maybe no one cares what I have to say.
Maybe someone out there will be so amused with my witty stories and articles I will get offered a writing job. Maybe not.
In any case, I thought writing this might be fun.

Today is Monday. I have two weeks left of my temp job before I start
working at my new "permanent" job. I am pretty excited about the new position. I am going to be learning a lot. And they pay well. And I GET TO WEAR CASUAL CLOTHES TO WORK!

Yay for jeans!

Maybe I will become a fashion plate. I was invited to a purse party which is basically a party where a woman is illegally selling knock off designer purses. Not illegal to buy, only to sell.
In any case, I don't know anything about brand names. But for some reason I started to pay attention. Probably because I haven't been using my brain all summer at this temp job. So now I am reading fashion magazines and paying attention. Maybe I should be a designer. HAHA!
I did buy myself two purses.

(Two! Who knew you were supposed to have more than one? Because I didn't...I'll tell that story another time.)

I'll tell more about my new job once I start.

Copyright© 2004

Is it May already!? I realized when I got to work today that it is already May. For those of you who don't check your calendar, next Sunday is Mother's Day. Do something nice for your mum.

My realtor had to cancel looking at places today, so I will have more updates tomorrow. And I still can't get those other pictures posted. But the pictures won't really be important until I decide to buy a place. Don't worry, I'll be sure to post those pictures.

I'm not going to write much today because I need to run errands. And clean my room. And find something to wear to a Murder Mystery Dinner party. Sat. Probably going dancing after if anyone is interested.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Condo Shopping & A Bachelorette Party

So I went and looked at my first condos yesterday. I was a little shocked at how people treated their homes. My sister and I joked all the time about my parents (my mom) showing us how to shut doors and watch the corners when moving items. But now I know why....some of the places I saw were just awful.
The convent was the first place I looked at...and it was really nice but too small. One person may have been more comfortable in it. It was all remodeled and gorgeous. I really liked the kitchen, it had cherry is a picture.

The next place I looked at had really high condo fees, and I didn't know why. The place was disgusting. It had something (liquidy brown looking junk) on the walls, and the carpets needed replacing. The place itself was on the top floor and had skylights and a LOT of water damage. It looked like a bunch of college kids had trashed the place, left the skylights open year round and just let the weather inside. Also...this place said no pets allowed. I told my realtor that my roommate's cat wouldn't live there or step foot in there anyway. She's a very clean cat.
The next place I checked out was actually next to my apartment complex. This place is gorgeous. The landscaping and building are first class. The building is an old schoolhouse and features brick walls and hardwood floors. I saw three different places here, but I only liked one of them. It had a small kitchen and some work is needed in the place, but it was really cute and different...and that is why I liked it. I tried to attach some pictures but it didn't work...

I'll try again later.

I'm looking at some more places on Monday, more updates from my search at that time. :)

So...Saturday night. Lynsay's Bachelorette party at the Charles Hotel in Boston. WOW. It was so much fun. How much trouble can 12 girls possibly get into? is a summary of the night. 12 girls, no strippers, started drinking at 6pm, didn't go out until 10:30pm, 3 cabs, 1 girl threw up in a cab, we leave one club because one girl went for cigarrettes and they wouldn't let her back in, no other club on Landsdowne Street will let us in because they have all heard about this one girl. Yes. That is right. We were blocked from every bar and club near Fenway. We leave to go to another bar, girl who puked in cab? GETS THE SAME CAB TO THE NEXT PLACE. This was pretty funny. They won't let us in the next bar either. Back to the cabs, we end up at the Foggy Goggle. Which is dirty, gross, and full of college guys. Yes guys tried talking to us all night. No, none were successful. It was strictly a girls night and a night for Lynsay and so much fun. We made it back to the hotel where one girl decided to try sleeping in the hall and the elevator. She might have tried flashing us. I think we stopped partying around 3am by cutting into Lynsay's was a good cake. I took about 70 pictures. I'm not going to post any here. Maybe I will later. :)
Oh yeah, and I want to steal all of Raina's ideas for when I get my bachelorette party. I guess I should try dating if I want to get married.