Saturday, May 14, 2005

Come fly with me...

Come fly away!

I have found a favorite new artist. His name is Michael Buble (boo-blay; it's french). You might have seen him on the Starbucks commercial....that is where I found him. He's like a combination of Frank Sinatra's sound and Elvis's sex appeal. I love it. He has a concert coming up in Boston...I might go.

So I looked at more condo's yesterday. One was a repeat place, and Martha agreed that she liked it as well. It would need a little work but it would look great once I do some work on it. It is also in a very good area. I liked another one, but I also managed to fall down the stairs. Lucky for me Martha was ahead of me on the stairs and she caught me about halfway down. I was literally falling head first feet up in the air, so I probably would have seriously been hurt had she not braced herself and stopped me from falling any more than four stairs. Lucky for me she is always there when I need her. :)

So...conclusion is, found two places I like...but nothing I love. Bummer. This condo purchase thing is hard work. In other news, I am still putting together some people for New York, contact me if you are interested. And...I need a date for a wedding and a concert coming up.
Maybe if I posted a really cute picture of myself people would want to go. :)

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