Sunday, May 01, 2005

Condo Shopping & A Bachelorette Party

So I went and looked at my first condos yesterday. I was a little shocked at how people treated their homes. My sister and I joked all the time about my parents (my mom) showing us how to shut doors and watch the corners when moving items. But now I know why....some of the places I saw were just awful.
The convent was the first place I looked at...and it was really nice but too small. One person may have been more comfortable in it. It was all remodeled and gorgeous. I really liked the kitchen, it had cherry is a picture.

The next place I looked at had really high condo fees, and I didn't know why. The place was disgusting. It had something (liquidy brown looking junk) on the walls, and the carpets needed replacing. The place itself was on the top floor and had skylights and a LOT of water damage. It looked like a bunch of college kids had trashed the place, left the skylights open year round and just let the weather inside. Also...this place said no pets allowed. I told my realtor that my roommate's cat wouldn't live there or step foot in there anyway. She's a very clean cat.
The next place I checked out was actually next to my apartment complex. This place is gorgeous. The landscaping and building are first class. The building is an old schoolhouse and features brick walls and hardwood floors. I saw three different places here, but I only liked one of them. It had a small kitchen and some work is needed in the place, but it was really cute and different...and that is why I liked it. I tried to attach some pictures but it didn't work...

I'll try again later.

I'm looking at some more places on Monday, more updates from my search at that time. :)

So...Saturday night. Lynsay's Bachelorette party at the Charles Hotel in Boston. WOW. It was so much fun. How much trouble can 12 girls possibly get into? is a summary of the night. 12 girls, no strippers, started drinking at 6pm, didn't go out until 10:30pm, 3 cabs, 1 girl threw up in a cab, we leave one club because one girl went for cigarrettes and they wouldn't let her back in, no other club on Landsdowne Street will let us in because they have all heard about this one girl. Yes. That is right. We were blocked from every bar and club near Fenway. We leave to go to another bar, girl who puked in cab? GETS THE SAME CAB TO THE NEXT PLACE. This was pretty funny. They won't let us in the next bar either. Back to the cabs, we end up at the Foggy Goggle. Which is dirty, gross, and full of college guys. Yes guys tried talking to us all night. No, none were successful. It was strictly a girls night and a night for Lynsay and so much fun. We made it back to the hotel where one girl decided to try sleeping in the hall and the elevator. She might have tried flashing us. I think we stopped partying around 3am by cutting into Lynsay's was a good cake. I took about 70 pictures. I'm not going to post any here. Maybe I will later. :)
Oh yeah, and I want to steal all of Raina's ideas for when I get my bachelorette party. I guess I should try dating if I want to get married.

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