Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My future hubby's name is Chris...

....or Tom, Jeff or Tony.

My mom called me yesterday to inform me my future husband's name had to be Chris. She got this theory based on a weird coincidence that my mother's family happened to do in the 70's.

See if you can follow this. My mom and her siblings.
Ron - Older Brother
Kathy - Older Sister
JoAnne - Younger Sister
Rick - Younger Brother

Ron married a Cathy
Kathy married a Jim (then later Larry, she follows her own rules apparently)
JoAnne married a Ron
Rick married a JoAnne

It made it quite confusing for us cousins growing up...."Hey Uncle Ron!" ....."which one?".
So apparently my cousin Tom has decided to continue this tradition. He is pretty serious about a girl named Danielle. Since his sister Sarah is dating a guy named Chris, my mom came to the conclusion that I will marry a Chris. I pointed out that if I was going to follow the "rules" that technically his name could be Tom or Jeff since those are my male cousins names. (I only have a sister). And I said since Sarah isn't married, but is serious about Chris and that counts, then my sister's serious boyfriend Tony could also count.

How hard will I laugh if I actually do marry a man named Chris, Tom, Jeff or Tony?

Did you follow all of that? :)


Anonymous said...

I think you should do a survey and see what name people like best :-P

KJ said...

Just don't marry a Kathy, k?


KJ said...

Oh.. and you didn't mention that although Kathy married a "JIM", her brother Rick's middle name is JAMES. :)

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