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My old posts

So last summer I decided to make a webpage and started a blog...but I only wrote in it for two weeks. Anyway...I decided to post that stuff here with the real dates in case anyone was interested.
It's funny looking back at when I wrote some of the items...especially about the Texan.'s May. I still talk to him. :)
And one more note, that cat's name is now Princess. And here is a picture of her:
Oh yeah...and wearing jeans to work? Looks like those no brainer fashion magazines worked. I hardly ever wear jeans to work. :)


Can you believe it's September already?

My roommate would like me to mention that we got a cat. Her name is Lyra.

She's cool for a cat. :)

I went out to dinner with Tom, he has some great unique ideas. One of
these days he needs to write them down. We discussed men and women
driving. I am going to write a book someday about how nine times out of
ten it seems to be a woman driving that ticked me off. On a cell phone or
in a van or SUV or a truck. His theory was that men have more driving
time on the road. Something like that.

So I got to purchase my furniture for my new office at work. Fancy
schmancy stuff. I'm psyched.

Oh yeah, and I need to make a list of cool pick up lines. I said
something to Tom and he said I should use it as a pick up line. And it's
actually Martha's idea. And inspired by my dad. :)

I leave you with a quote from my dad: "Get in the boat!"
August 30, 2004 almost 11pm.

Second day of my new job! My new title is: Director of Information Systems and Training.
sounds impressive huh? I like it. I also get to pick out my own desk and
chair. I think I like the massage office chairs...
The Texan left town this morning. I will miss him. More than I thought.
It has definitely given me something to think about. He was a really really nice guy.
I'll write more about work much to do, so little time.
August 26, 2004 8:38 AM

It's my second to last day at my temp job. I'm going to miss the folks here. Not just the co-workers but the clients as well. They are really very sweet and nice people.

My roommate and I partied like rock stars once again last night. We have so much fun together. My friend "Smokin Joe" was in town from Chicago so we decided to have a BBQ. It was a blast. A bunch of the guys came over as well. We probably stayed up a little too late but it was worth it.
I had a "revelation" last night while at the Dive. I'm probably going to end up marrying one of my friends. I have so much fun with them, it just makes sense.
My roommate had a revelation as well. She's bigger than most girls and is really intimidating to the girls banging on the bathroom door. They were banging and yelling at the door even after she said "one minute please".
After she whipped the door open, they flattened themselves against the wall and said "oh...umm..we didn't think anyone was in there."
My roommate's response?

August 17, 2004 10:30 PM Sex and the City is on...

When my roommate gets home from work she likes to watch TRL. This week on TRL they had a girl on who is going to speak at the Republican Convention in New York City. (The DNC also had a speaker she was around 11 years old).

This girl looked old enough to vote.
Anyway, the VJ or the Host, or DJ, whoever it was asked her why she was supporting Bush.

Her response?
"I feel strongly about education and Bush is going to lead us out of Iraq"

Umm, hello?

Yeah, I'm voting for Kerry.
August 17, 2004 Noon

So I was thinking about having my own webpage. My own domain name, Forums,
blogs, etc. I thought it might be cool. Problem is...I don't really like to share. I don't want anyone to steal my writing or ideas.
But I want to write and maybe even let other people share my work.
It's a thought...
And bonus, it would be good practice for me to learn some skills I may need in my new job.
August 16, 2004 8pm

There is a furnished corporate rental apartment above mine. Currently there are some guys from Texas staying there. Martha and I met them and hung out with them this weekend.

Tonight while on the computer, I can hear them on the porch. Then all of a sudden I see two Miller Lite cans tied to a string or rope of some sorts being dangled above our balcony.

Martha and I yelled out "What are you doing?"

The reply? "Fishing" (in a nice southern Texas drawl)

Martha and I cracked up.

It's definitely one of the most creative ways anyone has ever caught my attention. :)
August 16, 2004
Here is the start of my blog. I have read a bunch on the internet, and I thought maybe I should start one. Maybe no one cares what I have to say.
Maybe someone out there will be so amused with my witty stories and articles I will get offered a writing job. Maybe not.
In any case, I thought writing this might be fun.

Today is Monday. I have two weeks left of my temp job before I start
working at my new "permanent" job. I am pretty excited about the new position. I am going to be learning a lot. And they pay well. And I GET TO WEAR CASUAL CLOTHES TO WORK!

Yay for jeans!

Maybe I will become a fashion plate. I was invited to a purse party which is basically a party where a woman is illegally selling knock off designer purses. Not illegal to buy, only to sell.
In any case, I don't know anything about brand names. But for some reason I started to pay attention. Probably because I haven't been using my brain all summer at this temp job. So now I am reading fashion magazines and paying attention. Maybe I should be a designer. HAHA!
I did buy myself two purses.

(Two! Who knew you were supposed to have more than one? Because I didn't...I'll tell that story another time.)

I'll tell more about my new job once I start.

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