Saturday, June 11, 2005

June 11? wow

Time sure flys....

So..what did I promise to write about? First off I need to write about Lynsay's wedding. I went with my friend TC and we had a great time. He won the centerpiece after a hilarious game. He made me dance to a few slow songs which was nice. It's been awhile since I had danced to a slow song.
We had a great time talking about our past loves and possible future loves. There was a gorgeous rainbow and I got some great photos of it. I would post the photo here for you but I haven't learned how to shrink the pictures yet...and it gets bulky in the blog.
Soon, I'll have a photo section on the webpage.

Another thing I need to write trip to Chicago to visit "Smokin' Joe". Joe and I have been friends for almost 3 years or more and he moved out to Chicago 2 years ago. I had been promising to visit him for a while, and finally on Memorial Day weekend I did go visit.
Chicago was a nice city, but I am not a city girl. I was really fascinated with some of the buildings and I took a TON of pictures. One of the best photos I got was of the ferris wheel while we were waiting in line. I was standing in line at the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier (a tourist trap if there ever was one) and I just looked straight up. With the sun shining through I thought it made a great photo. I had it as my background on my desktop for a while, it was really nice.

Third thing I need to write about...Big & Rich concert. I had third row seats and I am now forever spoiled by it. I was SO close to them. I was screaming just like a little girl. :)
At one point John Rich came over to our end of the stage. (I was there with Martha, my Mom and Dad, my cousin Lauren and her friend from school) Martha knew that I was crazy about John Rich and I was completely frozen with him standing there. She gave me a shove and said "Dani! Go!". I went over to the stage and he grabbed my hand and winked at me. All this week I have been so in love with cowboys and John Rich. I want a cowboy.

So those are the past three weekends, and I finally feel like I am caught up and can now talk about current events. :) Last night I went to my first Worcester Tornadoes game, it was a lot of fun, I'm glad I got some season tickets and that my friends and I can now enjoy the games.

Well, there is more, but I won't bore anyone with it. :)