Monday, July 25, 2005

New York is it's time to relax.

So I am back from NYC. It was hot, dirty, and lots of fun.
I was at a souvenir store buying some items for my roommates and I was considering buying myself a sparkly tank that said: "I [heart] NY". But then I thought about it, and I decided that I don't love NY. I don't even like NY.
For example, we were walking through Times Square and it was so jam-packed with people that you couldn't even walk down the sidewalk. All I thought to myself was why would people want to live here? Nuts. Oh, and the Dunkin Donuts I went to was disgusting.

Good things about NY? Being involved in professional theatre...very cool. Getting dinner(really good pizza, my favorite), wine, free champagne and good conversation with TC and his family. Having fun with my friends and having a little too much to drink each night. Which for me is like three drinks.

So now I'm home, theatre is done for a while. What is the next project? Grad school. Can you believe it? I never thought I would go back, but here I am...I'll keep you updated. Not too much happening yet.
Ugh. Tired and sticky. I hate hot weather. I'll write more tomorrow.

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