Thursday, August 11, 2005


So...I meant to write here on Tues and Wed. So now it's Thursday and I am writing.

On Tuesday I had two things I wanted to write about, but since the news was so crazy, I think I didn't know how to write it. Or how to react quite yet.

So Martha is moving back to Canada. Her last day of work is October 14, 2005. She gave her notice. I'll be throwing her a party on October 8. Send me a message (or leave a post at my blog) if you would like to go.

I'm going to miss her. That's the simplest way to express how I feel.

In the meantime....I have to move. Any ideas for me?

Oh yeah...and the things I wanted to write about on Tuesday were the really gross things I learned about food in my Serve Safe exam...which is an exam for restaurant managers.
I found out sushi is not fish. That's the only non-disgusting thing I learned.
Send me a note if you want to hear more.

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