Friday, August 26, 2005

Latest news and Mrs. Warren's Profession


So what's new? I still don't know where I'm living. Martha is still moving.
I auditioned for the MWRep production coming up in a few weeks. The show is Mrs. Warren's Profession. I got cast as Mrs. Warren, and a few people I have worked with before are also cast. I think it's going to be a great show. There is a new girl, a freshman, who has been cast as Vivie, the lead. That is pretty rare for a freshman. We actually kinda look alike which will be good since we are playing Mother and Daughter.

What else is new? Nothing and everything. I have made this blog more of a place to write down things that are going on in my life, and a lot less about my feelings. But right now the only thing changing is how I feel about stuff.

I really want to talk about it (my feelings) but I'm not sure what to say. And I'm convinced I would bore anyone who had the patience to pretend to listen. Things I want to talk about? My feelings about Martha moving and about me moving. My thoughts on admitting how I feel for a change. My feelings AND thoughts about the Texan....and how we talk a lot less now.

Blah. Can you believe it's Friday night at 11pm and I'm thinking about going to bed?
What next, waking up early and exercising on a Saturday? Hey now....that's an idea!

Oh...and one more thing. Because if I post it here, I'll have to do it. I'm starting South Beach again. At the latest Monday. At the earliest Sunday. (I need to go grocery shopping) And someone remind me that I need to become a health nut and change my ways of eating.
For my own health. If anyone wants to do South Beach, or the diet, or the exercise with me...just let me know. It could be fun. Really. I swear. How about just throwing around a football?

One last thought. My roommate and her boyfriend are way too cute. Really.

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