Monday, August 08, 2005

Want to go fishing?

So my roommate Martha has some friends from her home (Fredericton, Canada) visiting us, which means that Martha and I bunked up in my bed so that we could get everyone a bed.

Apparently at one point during the night I said "Want to go fishing?" She woke up and said "huh?" and I repeated the question, "Want to go fishing?"

I was sleeping, it isn't the first time I have talked in my sleep. I wonder what I was dreaming about?

I had just come home from Vermont...and I had a blast. It was just me and my mom and dad. And the crazy neighbors of course. I got my laundry done, washed and waxed my car, went for two long walks, kayaked down the other end of the lake, went for a boat ride (a few of them) and went in my dad's SuperCat sailboat thing. I also went fishing with my dad (maybe that's where the dream was from) but we didn't catch anything. We did see some beavers splashing in the water. And we did get pulled over by the State Troopers on their boat. Totally weird, I had never seen them on the lake, but my dad says they are up there every weekend.

The neighbors took me out on their boat, and I watched a few people wake board. I think I would like to try it, it looks much easier than water skiing. I got to nap in my hammock and got to drink beers by the campfire on Friday and Saturday.

I also got my butt whipped at foosball. Sam and I tried playing against John. We were all a little tipsy and he still managed to beat us. We were playing as a team. He was playing on his own.
He creamed us.

I'm going back to Vermont in two weekends, trying to get some friends to go. The neighbors are having a party with their's going to be loud and fun. I plan on having a foosball tournament that weekend...maybe someone can beat the just about undefeated champions John and Martha. (4th of July weekend they were nearly unbeatable...but Dan and I got them once)

Let's see..what else to update? Not much...I still have lots of Worcester Tornadoes baseball tickets if people want to go...just send me an email!

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