Tuesday, September 13, 2005's a secret.

So I have something to write about. Except, I can't write about it. That's the thing with a blog. Like I previously wrote in my last entry...a blog is a great place for you to publicly voice your opinions...but that also means anything you want to talk about that certain people can't read about...well, you just can't write about it.

So yeah, I have a secret. And I can't write about it. Maybe later.
In the meantime....if I have to stay in the Worcester area, I don't think that will be such a bad thing. I seem to have more to say...but I don't know.

And boys are dumb. No offense to all of my wonderful guy friends.
But there I said it.

And oh yeah, I got to talk to the Texan today. Am I smiling? Oh yes.
Did I flirt? Maybe a little. I moving to Texas? Not likely.

There seems to be a handful of nice guys in the northeast too. I'll try my luck here before I give up and move to Bush country.



a boy said...

girls are loopy.

TC said...

The one thing I hate about blogs is wanting to write about things that I can't. Sometimes its things I shouldn't talk about at all to other people, other times its things I don't want one person to see, and other times things I just don't want to get people's opinions on. Now that I've been writing more often I've actually thought about getting a nice leatherbound journal and starting writing for myself again. I read my old journals and its interesting to read the things I used to think.

TC said...
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KJ said...

I hate blogs! No secrets... just spill your guts and let everything fall where it may!

Who is TC?


Dani said...

TC is one of my wonderful amazing friends. :)

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