Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Three Posts in One.

So one of you guys out there has actually redeemed the other stupid one.
It's amazing how impressive intelligence is.

And why is it that when you finally meet someone cool, all the other guys start coming out of the woodwork. It's interesting.

Ok, so I wrote a lot today.

My Ode to Red Bull
by Danielle K. LaBrecque
(and yes this could be the worst poem or ode ever written. I don't care)

My friend TC wrote about you in his blog,
So I felt the need to write in my own special thanks.
Oh Red Bull, how I love thee.
You keep me awake when I need a boost.
And now you are even being made SUGAR FREE!
Some of my fondest memories are with you and Vodka.
But alas, I can no longer drink, I must have water.
Last weekend I went dancing, and I had you straight.
Mmmm syrupy caffeine goodness, You kept me up very late.
I had so much fun with Cate.
We went looking for trouble, on Morgan 2nd.
And we didn't find any.
But we kept going until 3:45am.
And now today, on Tuesday, I can't stay awake.
My co-workers are amused.
I went to buy myself some caffeine.
(Have I mentioned I work with Dunkin Donuts)
I don't like coffee, and I must drink diet soda..ewww.
I found my beloved Diet A&W Root Beer.
I sit down at my desk and take a satisfied chug.
Glancing at the bottle, much to my dismay I see:
"Caffeine Free"
Lucky for me, Sugar Free Red Bull was on sale.
And I bought myself two.
Oh Red Bull, how I love thee.

I bought some peanuts for me to snack on. A nice healthy snack. Lightly salted. Peanuts made me slightly itchy. Not a good sign. Maybe I am now allergic to peanuts.
Yay. Good thing my allergy is only to non-cooked foods.
I like peanut butter way too much to ever give it up.

So caffeine. I have been thinking about it a lot today. It makes sense.
I drank Red Bull. I work with Dunkin Donuts.
I have even considered starting to drink coffee.
We will see.

Caffeine - the legal drug. And why is it a legal drug? People are addicted to it, like they are cigarettes. Or even alcohol. So why are some things legal, and other's are not? And why was alcohol banned and then brought back? They definitely did not cover this enough during my high school history classes. And I went to a tech school, I didn't take history in college. Maybe they cover more then...I'll have to do some research.

How do they decide which items are illegal and which are items are legal? Who decides, and based upon what factors?
Is it the money grubbing companies? The conservative politicians? How did we decide that coffee(Caffeine), cigarettes, and alcohol were okay and marijuana, ephedrine and others were not?
Don't they all cause similar problems? It's interesting.
I take a more libertarian point of view on things.
Control yourself. Respect yourself. Everything in moderation. Just like chocolate and pizza.

Mmmmmm. Pizza. I love pizza. Here is something that I would definitely say I am addicted to. But I can quit cold-turkey anytime. It can cause high blood pressure, cholesterol problems (pepperoni!), and massive weight gain. Yet...I can have as much of it as I want.

Cigarettes. They cause cancer. There have been how many studies on this? It even causes cancer in people who DON'T smoke them. And again, I can have as much of it as I want. I could really go on and on and on about this. But instead, I think I'll go find a pizza.

Anyone care to join me for a smoke, coffee, or drink? ;)

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KJ said...

NO SECRETS! That's just not fair to the blog reading public! If you have a secret, don't tell us you have a secret. Then it truly IS a secret!!!


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