Friday, August 04, 2006

The cat wouldn't eat it either.

Except that then Anthony told me that cats won't usually eat out of people's hands.

Story time:
So I sent Anthony an article about foods that I should be eating to lower my cholesterol. He decided that this would be the perfect time to try and get me to eat fish, since it is listed as a healthy food.

So he comes home with some groceries...starts up the rice cooker, starts steaming some fishy smelling stuff in the rice cooker. (it steams and cooks rice, all-in-one!) Which starts my first complaint of why I don't like fish. Because it smells. (and it took 2 days for the smell to go away) So he says "no, you will like it" and I promise him that I won't. So he continues cooking, and I am reading my book and looking up once in a while from the book to see what he is up to.

He announces that dinner is ready. I put the book down and walk slowly over to our breakfast bar. I slide into my seat and take a deep breath. Which was my first mistake. "It smells fishy", I said. "It's supposed to smell like fish, it *is* fish." says Anthony. "It's pink, it isn't cooked." "Baby, I promise it's cooked."
Now, I have to give him some credit. He made it look really nice. He cooked up some brown rice, topped it with the fish (salmon maybe?) and some crushed tomatoes with a garnish...he really went out of his way to make it look nice.
But it still smelled like fish.

I put some rice and some tomato and a small bite of the fish on a fork. I put the fork down before I even got it close to my face. I took deep breaths again, this time through my mouth and not my nose. I put my head in my hands, I psyched myself up for it. I said that it would taste good. It was good for me, maybe I can start eating a diet of fish and rice. I picked up the fork.
I stopped breathing through my nose.
I put the fork in my mouth. I closed my lips around the fork and tasted...
At first, all I could taste was rice and tomato.
Then I tasted the fish. And it didn't taste like fried haddock. Or grilled swordfish, or Mahi Mahi from Trisha and Jeff's wedding. It tasted like fish.
And I didn't eat it.
And I ordered a cheese pizza from Papa Ginos.

The pizza was great...not at all fishy.

So I took a piece of the fish to Princess, the cat who lives here. She wouldn't eat it either, which I got a big kick out of. Until Anthony said, put it down, she won't eat it out of your hands. And I had to be dissapointed when he was right.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Lake excavator for hire!

Ok, it's an interesting title.
But it helped me reach my weight this morning on my Monday weigh-in.

I reached 165 today! Hurrah!

I *think* it might be because I had to dig in a lake this weekend. See, I stepped on a stick and it hurt. I figured that someone else might step on it too, so I better dig it up. Except that the stick was attached to a log, which was attached to a tree. By the time I figured this out, it was too late, I was stubborn and I wanted to dig it out.

So you have to picture this....I'm neck deep in the lake, directly in front of my house. Now, it may have been unlikely that someone else might have stepped on the stick, but because I'm so short, I thought it was more likely that someone (everyone who is taller than me, which is quite a few people) *would* step on it.

So I dug out an eight foot log out of the lake. The look on everyone's faces when I got it out was really funny. I still can't believe I did it. But it was great exercise. I had to hold my breath, dive and dig. And when I was bobbing in the water with just my head above the waves, I was digging with my legs. It was great exercise and I think it helped me shed some pounds. Besides that I was careful not to over eat in Vermont this time.

I also went for a long walk with my cousin Maeghan (who is getting married this fall!) and we had a great long chat. I was closer to my cousins when I was younger...I didn't realize until this weekend how much I had missed that.

And a thank you to my Aunt Kathy and my Uncle Larry who gave me the air filters, they will be put to good use! I'll write more later...I think.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Good news, bad news

So last Saturday I got on the scale and saw 165, down 5 lbs from my start made me so happy...I jumped around, and got excited about weight loss.
If only I could hold it until Monday...when I would have to get back on the scale.
Mondays are the official scale day after all.

I went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday because I had skipped Friday. And I was able to increase my workout to one hour. This was due to getting used to the workout and being so excited about the 165.

So the bad news? Monday morning I was back up to 167, which meant no weight loss.
Blah. So I have been feeling crappy about that all week.
Went to the gym Monday and Tuesday for an hour. My sister went with me Monday, so she is witness that I am a crazy woman and I do sweat for an hour. FULL HOUR.

I didn't get to go Wed because I had a Pampered Chef party, and then I didn't get to go yesterday because I had a skin appt out in Natick. Late nights. And there is so much going on at work too.

So I feel yucky today. Haven't even been near the scale. But I will be going after work (and going for an hour) and then grabbing a quick shower and then up to Vermont.
I'm bringing my PCOS nutrional book so I can continue to research how I am going to survive when I can't eat so many things.

Oh yeah, and I started to use Fitday (great program, want more details, let me know) but I couldn't use it at work, I called Tech Support, they are sending me a copy. Fitday is something I may need to use for the rest of my life. It tracks what you eat (like a food diary) but will also tell you if you don't get enough of something. And since I can't eat some may help me discover if I am not getting enough of a certian vitamin or mineral. Good I just have to make it work. And I need a USB stick since I can't run the program at work for whatever reason and I fried my USB stick.

But I have no cash because I pay my first mortgage payment this weekend. I am going to be so broke. But I have a home!

What else? Oh yeah, I accidentally ate peanut butter yesterday. I was at a meeting for Dunkin Brands (out in Holyoke, didn't get home until 6pm, that's why no gym) and I had a nice lunch of salad...romaine lettuce, mozarella cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a little bit of bacon sprinkles (bad Dani! bad!) and some ranch dressing. I probably should have skipped the ranch dressing but the other choices were italian (which I didn't feel like having) and french (which I don't like).
So because I had a nice salad, I thought one sugar cookie couldn't hurt. Except three bites into it (I was distracted, talking to my boss) I realized it was peanut butter. I put the cookie down, and felt bad about it the rest of the day.

My other desert choices? Snickers, 3 Musketeers, chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies. Oh, were there healthy choices? Yes...apples, pears, cantalope, and strawberries. I couldn't eat those either. I hate allergies. I hate PCOS.

I am going to have a diet of water, chicken and vitamin supplements. I can see it now. Oh yeah, and steamed brocolli...that really isn't so bad.

Monday, July 17, 2006

more griping.

To all those who tell me to work out harder, less. Smaller portions.
I quote the website. SO BACK OFF. (yep....still pretty cranky)

"Almost always, individuals with PCOS gain weight very easily and lose it only with great effort. Everyone knows that some individuals consume large quantities of food and never gain weight while others work hard just to stay ‘fat’ instead of severely obese. Vanity keeps some from weighing much more than they might, if only they were less vigilant. When seeking medical help for weight control, too often, the obese patient has been told to exercise more, or to eat less. Clearly, this over- simplification fails to take into account the high likelihood that individuals vary in the way their body utilizes calories. Some use calories less effectively, or store fat more easily. A key to the way the body uses energy is insulin. Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas in response to the breakdown of food into sugars, proteins and fats by the digestive system. Insulin promotes the storage of fat to ensure a constant source of fuel, calories, ensuring the body’s most efficient operation. As described in more detail below, PCOS increasingly has been linked to abnormalities of insulin and glucose metabolism. In the past, this may have been an adaptive advantage allowing survival against cold, or famine. Now, in part, a response to today’s sedentary lifestyle, obesity has become a genetically related disease, which may be treated, but only with great personal conviction and effort. Certainly, weight loss can only be achieved when caloric expenditure exceeds caloric intake, but genetic, metabolic and environmental alterations make this a much more complex equation. Hopefully in the future, there will be relief, which is both more effective and less painful than our present treatment strategies. "

And now all those who read my website know way more about me than they ever did before. But you know what? People should know about it.

PCOS, Food Allergies, High Cholesterol with a family history of Heart Problems. YAY!

I remember when I was a kid, and I had perfect attendance in school. I was so healthy back then....yeesh.

And the beat goes on....

No change this week. It's really depressing and I am trying very hard not to be depressed about it. I go to the gym. I reduce the amount of food I am eating. (If I eat too little, my friends accuse me of starving myself) and when I go to the gym twice a day I'm told not to be obsessive.

But it's hard. And the reason? PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It's the leading cause of infertility among women. It causes middle weight gain (only women going through menopause know what that is like) hair growth where you don't want it (like a beard), male pattern hair loss (thank goodness I don't have this problem), acne, heart problems, diabetes II and mainly just ticks me off.

So I'm trying to not to get down on myself. But I'm not allowed to eat anything and I'm not losing weight. And my boyfriend is italian and loves his pasta. Once I explain that I really can't eat the same way he can, he is much more understanding.
Except now he wants homemade pasta from scratch...the man is teaching me how to cook.

So no weight loss. Boo. And yes, I'm cranky about it.

New medication started yesterday should be interesting to see what happens. It's supposed to lower blood pressure (I don't really need that), raise your potassium (I don't need that either), but it also blocks that androgen hormone that causes the problems. Maybe it will help?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Food vs Morals

Here is a great article about the whole food moral thing.

Meat is one of the few things I can eat. But I worry about the treatment of the animals. I call myself an animal lover...and I love cows. But I also love my leather purse and shoes. Does this make me sick and twisted? Or simply ignorant for not knowing how these items are really made? I don't know.

You will need to cut and paste to get it in your browser.

Anyway, a great article:

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

one pound

So I tried to update yesterday, but I was very busy at work and there were connection problems at home.

So I lost one pound since last Wednesday, not too bad really. And I am predicting a huge comeback for next Monday. (I have to go into Boston tomorrow, and I'm planning on doing some walking while there.)

So I had a doctor's appt last Friday. My doctor was impressed that I am working out (and she noted I lost weight since my last visit) and that I am trying to change my diet. However, she recommended that I don't change my diet too much. She said the reason for this was because when you start changing the amount or types of foods that you eat, it puts your body into panic mode, and it will shut down and try to hang on to every little fat cell. At this point (according to my doc) your body thinks it might starve. So she said no diet ever really works. She said your body will eventually get used to whatever it is you are eating or depriving yourself of.

So she said exercise is the key to everything. She also said I could eat whatever I want as long as I exercise. (hello pizza!!!) She told me that the last thing she was going to do, was to tell me yet another food I wasn't allowed to eat. She said I have enough food issues, go eat what I can and what I want (within what I can.)

Yay! The doc made me feel better about everything.

And then Sunday night I walked for an hour, biked for 30 minutes. Monday morning, up at 5am, eliptical for 30 mins. Monday night, walked for an hour at Home Depot and Lowes. They have way too many products...and way too many different sections to keep everything you are supposed to use to clean granite. Cleaner is in one section, polisher in your granite sealed? I don't know...the people who built my place weren't that bright, probably not. Okay, you will need sealer. And of course that was in a different section.

At that point I found Anthony (we were at Lowes) and he said, let's go to Home Depot, I have to return that part. So then I did the same thing at the Depot.

And then I got up at 5am and rowed for 30 minutes at an increased setting.
And oh yeah, my eliptical level went up from 1 to 3.
I can exercise...but can I lose weight? co-workers are eating good foods...bacon...peanuts...apples...yum!
(I have yogurt. weeee.)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No Change this week.

So no change on the scale this week. I blame the long weekend in Vermont with no gym. Plus all the good food. When will my parents learn that they buy too much food?

And I hate fruit. More on that later.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Orange crushed!

So I have been eating fruits that I don't normally eat so that I can avoid my food allergy....

Well, now I have another one...oranges. Yay.

So let's play a suggest a fruit or a veggie. If I'm not allergic to it (yet) I will try it. But if I don't like it, I'm not eating it. Mom, I'm talking to you. I don't like cauliflower.
Yes, there is a funny story behind the cauliflower comment.

And I STILL don't like potato salad. Ever since I was born, my tastebuds haven't changed, I will never like it. And why you would want me to eat something SO loaded with fat and carbs is beyond me. Potato, and mayo. What else goes in that? If you say celery I will laugh, because that's on my list of what I might be allergic to as well.

Row, row, row your boat....

...gently down the stream...

Ok, so if you are working out on a rowing machine, it really isn't going gently down a stream. Yesterday morning when I went to the gym, I got on the eliptical like normal, except that when I went to cool down, I switched to the treadmill. The eliptical really doesn't cool you down very well. If you go too slow on the machine it will stop, and you will lose your settings, so I switched to the treadmill to slowly bring me down.

But TC wasn't done with his running yet. (I had to wake him up...again. How many times now? ;)) And I needed TC to go with me to my condo to verify my weight for the bet with my mom. So I got on the rowing machine for fun, and it WAS fun. It had a computer with a little pace boat to race...or something, I haven't really figured out the computer part yet. But I decided that my next workout would be on the rower.

So this morning I got on the rower, and I went 5000 meters. Which took me 32 minutes. I didn't think that was too shabby, and it was fun. And now I'm a bit sore...I'm feeling this...

So I think from now on, I am going to switch between the eliptical and rowing machine in the morning. And when I can, walk on the treadmill at night.
We don't have any TV, so going to the gym to walk and watch some TV if I feel like it won't be too bad.

So Anthony is in San Francisco this week for work, and Martha is dog/house sitting this I have the place to myself. Except for Princess. Who I think trys very hard to shed all her fur all day on the furniture while I'm gone. I think she is doing this in protest to Martha being gone.
Now I just need to train her to get used to the vacuum. If I could just vacuum the fur off of her directly, that would help so much!

TO DO tonight: CLEAN CONDO. Make chores lists. Read a book. I haven't done that in a while. Maybe I will go sit on the exercise bike while I read a book....

Measured out my cereal this morning. One cup = 200 calories. That was at 7am. It's now 8:30. I'm already starting to get hungry...I need to go find some 100-200 calorie snack.

Monday, June 26, 2006

And it begins!

Hurrah! I dropped the first 2lbs of the potential 40lbs!

More later...I'm supposed to be working...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Are you ready?

Woke up 5:25am - Got to gym.
Increased my workout by 5 minutes. I'm at 20 minutes workout, 5 minutes cool down.
Water, and vitamins.

I had a banana and some blueberries for breakfast.

Been snacking on blueberries all morning while drinking 36 oz of water.
I need more protein, my brain and stomach think I'm still hungry.

Soup for for a snack.

Salad, cucumbers, frozen mixed veggies and kielbasa for dinner.
Maybe 30 minutes on the treadmill.
And moving furniture....that's exercise too.

My mom is definitely smoking less cigarettes next week.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So I really ended up closing on the 8th. I was really lucky and had some really great friends help me move that night....and by midnight, all of my stuff, Anthony's stuff, Martha's stuff and even Princess's stuff had been moved in.
Then of course it was in the middle of our living room and bedrooms.

So it has been a little over a week since we moved in. We have the living room and kitchen mostly put away and the bedrooms and bathrooms are still being worked on.
My parents came the Sunday after we moved in and installed all of our shades, the place really does look nice, even if I haven't done ANY decorating yet.

I think it will take about a year before the place is decorated. But I promise pictures before then. Once I can *find* my batteries and charger I will whip out the digital camera and go crazy.

So other updates....I GOT TO MEET BIG & RICH!!! Ok, so I got to shake their hands, take a picture (with Cowboy Troy as well) and say "wow, thank you so much for doing this" but I was right there, and I have the picture and my autographed cowboy hat to prove it. It was very quick..about 60 people and it was done very quickly, like an assembly line. But still pretty cool. The concert was nice too. I was able to score some free tickets through someone I know who works at the station. We were WAY in the back....but it wasn't a sold out show, so we had plenty of room to spread out and drink a beer or two and have a grand old time.

Next update. My mom has made a bet with me. She always wants me to be in better shape and to drop a few pounds. I always want her to quit smoking. So she has bet me that she will stop smoking one less cigarette a day, for every 2 pounds that I lose. The max I can lose in a week is 4 lbs.

What my mom doesn't get, is that with moving to the condo, with a gym down the hall, and a few friends (including my boyfriend) all wanting to get into better shape...I was going to do this anyway. So now she is in for it. Because she is going to have to quit smoking faster than she is prepared for. So the total amount I need to lose, to make my mom quit smoking is 40 lbs. This actually brings me to EXACTLY the weight my doctor told me to stop at, and then consult with a doctor before I lose more weight. SO it's a great goal. And I told my mom that as long as I keep the weight off (with the exception of pregnancy or medical illness) she must quit smoking.

But you know what? And I don't like saying this, because it upsets my mom, but she can't do it. I can do it, I can do anything I want. But my mom can't quit smoking.
So mom....if I lose the weight, and you don't quit, I'm probably going to hold it over your head. So neener neener.

What's really funny, is that she didn't realize the day she called me (yesterday) about this, was that I was eating a salad at lunch. (which is difficult since I'm allergic to tomatos, cucumbers, green peppers, and carrots...anyone have suggestions?) And not only was I eating the salad...I had been up at 5:30 that morning to go the gym with my friend TC. And the night before I had been to the gym with my boyfriend. So in the past 24 hours, I had been to the gym twice...had blueberries for breakfast and a salad for lunch.

And this morning, I had a banana for breakfast. An orange for a snack during the day. And some soup for lunch. Hahaha! The challenge is ON!
I can't wait for weigh in next Monday...(so expect updates on Mondays) because then I can call my mom and say "you get one less cigarette this week".

If I lose 2 lbs a will be Nov. 1st that my mom is smoke free. If I can average 4 lbs a week (bigger weight loss, plateaus etc) then she will be smoke free by the end of the summer. It's going to happen be prepared!

SO keep watching here for updates on how going to the gym at 5:30am is cool because I get it over with, but I wish I could sleep in until 7am like my roommates. And I will also update you on how I'm trying to eat healthy with my stupid food allergies (I haven't had ANY peanut butter! Aren't you proud? I am!) and my other food issues. (Like PCOS, where I avoid carbs)

I'm also trying to eat more organic foods. And I'm debating becoming a vegetarian (which I think is impossible with my allergies) but I definitely need to avoid dairy...all those hormones and steroids they give the cows cannot be good for you.
And think about it...cow milk is supposed to help a baby cow become a 2000 lb heffer.
Now I'm drinking milk...and DUH, why do I have a weight problem? It's definitely something to think about it.

I don't know any fat vegetarians, do you?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ok, so I lied. I didn't get to close today.
I have been told tomorrow. We will see. I am not holding my breath.
Cuz then I might turn blue.

When I have keys in my hand....then I will believe it.
More updates later.


I forgot the biggest update!!! My sister is engaged!!! Yay!!!
And I was asked to be a Maid-of-Honor. (she is having two...)

Must start the planning!

Ta Da!

Hey! Ho! What is going on!?

Look, it's me doing an update. So today I close on my new condo. FINALLY. It was supposed to happen back in April, and it's a really long story. But now I'm finally moving in, and I have a great interest rate and everything is going to be hunky dory happy.

Except that as we speak, it's pouring buckets outside. And I get to move in the rain. Probably just me and Anthony lifting our heavy stuff.
At least this move will convince me not to have as much stuff. Note to self, remind everyone not to buy you any more stuff. (this means Mom and Dad, who like to buy me stuff, especially for my new condo) I have enough stuff!
Especially cookbooks, I have about 12. Who needs that many? Not me.

These are the things that I will have to buy, but it is slightly against my will.
A washer and dryer. I have the would be so nice to have them.
A rice cooker/vegetable steamer. This is for healthier eating.
Besides that I'm staying in all the time now that I have NO money from buying a condo.
New furniture. The reason I need new furniture is because of my "severe allergy to dust mites" (this is a quote from doctor). The doc told me to get rid of as many things as I can that dust mites like to live in. Like my upholstered furniture. He said wipable surfaces, that way I can clean off the dust.
So the brand new curtains for my bedroom? yeah, not supposed to have those.
The brand new shades for my entire condo, custom made? Yeah, not supposed to have those either. (btw, thank you mom and dad, who cares if I am allergic, they are awesome)

So allergies totally stink. Who invented them, and why is it such a good idea?

My latest? No more peanuts and peanut butter. This could be my undoing. I love peanut butter pie, and peanut butter fudge, and peanut butter cups and peanut butter sandwiches. And yes, it's a weird family tradition....but peanut butter on hot dogs.
(if you like hot dogs, and you like PB, you will like it, I can promise. Weird, but it works)

It wouldn't be so bad if I had never had peanut butter....but I have, and it's one of my favorites. I may cry the first time someone eats peanut butter in front of me.

My doctor also told me to stop eating the stuff I am allergic to. Like fruits and veggies. I had some fruit yesterday, and I regretted it. Maybe the doctor is right.

In my family, my "thing" for the holidays is Apple Pie, and Peanut Butter Fudge. I'm really good at making these two things. And now I cannot eat them. Grrrr.
But maybe if I actually didn't try eating things I'm not supposed to, maybe I would be healthier... Read a funny book. I'll post more about that this weekend or next week. But it's about what you eat. And you are what you eat, and apparently, I'm a cow. :)

So that is my update. More allergies, but less than before (no longer allergic to dogs and grass, wheee! I can play in the grass with dogs!) and moving into the new condo.

Oh, and the update about Martha? It has now been officially announced at her company. She was asked to return to her former manager's job, so she received a raise and is moving back to Massachusetts. She is moving in with me and Anthony.

Pictures coming soon...once we are moved in and settled...and decorated a little bit.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Sirius!

Free Sirius...guess how?

So I am driving home from work on the MassPike today. I see a car in front of me, and it has a sign taped up in the back window. It read "Sirius 87.9". I was wondering if this guy was trying to advertise that Sirius radio users just tune their FM radios to 87.9 to use the FM transmitter feature. Did I spell that right?

So anyway, I tuned my radio to 87.9 and guess what? I was listening to Howard Stern! Until I lost the guy...but then I found OTHER people around me listening to Sirius radio stations. Too funny.

I will *never* pay for radio. Never. You can quote me on that.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Comments etc..

Hello all -
Just so you know, I do receive your comments, they get emailed to my yellowchevy inbox. However, right now I can't reply to those emails...I'm working on getting it fixed. Which really means that Anthony will fix it when he gets back. Because he is responsible for it not working. :)

(it's just a microsoft licensing issue)

So I had a vote on my "name my hubby" survey today...the IP address says New York City. I'm not sure I know anyone in New York City...if you voted and you are from New York, give me a shout...I'm curious as to who you are.

Not much happening this week. I might do some laundry, clean my room.
Anthony is gone, I'm a little bored.

More later. :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Guess what?!

So...guess what happened when Martha came to visit?!?!?!

I can't tell you yet in case it isn't public news...but as soon as she gives me the okay, I will let you all know. Most of you probably know already.

So I got to spend one week with Anthony (sort of) and now he is away again, this time in Atlanta, GA. He is there for training on a new software database thing-a-ma-jiggy for work. I really only got to see him for a few hours each evening, so we haven't been able to spend a good amount of time together yet. By the time he comes back...and with our work schedules, etc....I think it will be almost a month that we didn't get to spend an entire day together. Can you believe I actually want to spend a whole day with just one person? You better believe it, because I do. :)

Lucky for me, that day will probably be the day after my birthday, which for all purposes will still be my birthday. When your birthday is on Friday, the entire weekend becomes your birthday. :)

So today I picked out my season tickets for next year's Worcester Sharks Hockey team. It was very exciting and nice to see all of my old friends at the Centrum, oops, I mean DCU Center. I hate it when the rename things because someone bought it. It makes it really confusing. I got my first choice on seating, I just hope I like them when the season starts. I decided not to go with "on the glass" seats this year. But being further back gives me more options should more than one person want to go to the games.

I also got to visit with TC and see his new place. He officially moves in tomorrow. It got me really excited for my own move...I can't wait!!

More tomorrow....I'm sleepy, going to bed now.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Open Box

I opened the box! Inside were silver claddagh earrings. With a little green sparkly in them. They are very cute. I'll probably be wearing them for the next week if you want to see them. :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tomorrow I open the box....

Tomorrow morning I get to open the box. Tonight I will fall asleep looking at it...and even if I wake up at 5am and open it, I will try not to call Anthony until at least 6am. :)

I rearranged my bedroom. Really all I did was move the bed and carpet, but it looks different. I picked up some clutter. Paid some bills. I really should start sorting through stuff to decide what is coming with me and what is going in the trash bin. Anyone need hangers? I have about 100 that I don't need.

I need to make a list of things I should do before finish downloading my CD collection to my iPod. And then make playlists. And then use it more often than just in my room. I think I just still like the radio.

I was also thinking about changing the layout of my webpage. If anyone has ideas, let me know.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

That would totally stink.

My title of this post refers to TC's comment that maybe there is nothing inside of the white box. Okay, can't get too worked up, what if he was right?

3 days left, or is it 2?

I can't figure out the correct number of days.
I would say 2, but since I get to open the box first thing Friday morning, it might actually be one.

Either way, I cannot wait for Friday. On Friday I get to wear green, celebrate a fantastic Irish holiday, and I get to drink beer with my best friend Martha.
I'm so excited that she is coming to VISIT!!! Yay!!!

Since I'm trying not to think about opening the white box inside of the emerald green bag, I'll just concentrate on Martha's visit instead.
We have a busy weekend planned. We are going to spend TONS of time chatting.
And we are also going to our friend Speeds BBQ to celebrate hockey coming back to MA.
AND...we are having dinner Sat night at Chili's with a bunch of friends so they can all see Martha. It's actually a good thing that Anthony doesn't come home from Miami until Sat night, otherwise he would have to be ignored for a bit while I visit with Martha. :)

Can't wait for Friday! So many good things happening!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

4 more days...and news...and click on a link!

4. More. Days. And then I can open that box. Although today it was a lot easier to not think about it. I was actually a little busy at work and then Martha called me, yes, an actual phone call.

On occasion, she likes to talk on the phone, and when she calls, I will always answer. So her exciting news is that she is coming to visit! *This* weekend.
I can hardly wait! For those of you who know her, I am planning on dinner on Saturday night, a big group so everyone can say hi to her.

I can't wait to see her, she misses all of us a lot. She told me she was even thinking of moving back. Apparently her old job might be available, or even a better one.

And now...I need a favor from all of you. Please click on the breast cancer site link on the main page. It's found under "Travel in a yellow chevy"
There is a pink ribbon found in the middle of the webpage once you are on the site.
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Day 5

Day 5, I keep staring at the bag. It's emerald green. A paper bag, that is emerald green. It's really my favorite shade of my favorite color.
I have to peek. I'm going to. Hold on a minute.

The envelope is a lighter shade of green. Kelly green. The color that is almost a light flourescent shade of green. You see it a lot in the spring, but not too many people can actually get away with wearing it. I'm one of those lucky people who can, the color matches my eyes. Must be my Irish heritage. ;)

The box is white. It has a small white bow on top, the kind you see on Christmas presents. It's probably 2.5"x3"x3". It doesn't weigh too much. And when I shake it, it doesn't make a lot of noise. It also has a gold sticker on top that says "Wexford House" and in smaller letters underneath it says "Irish Imports & Fine Gifts"
I'm not going to look that up on the web. I really do want to be surprised. So if any of my journal readers look it up, don't tell me.

I also hope that I don't get all excited and it turns out to be a shamrock flavored candy and I got all excited. oops...not that I wouldn't LOVE a shamrock flavored candy. :) Hon? Really...not kidding, I don't care. It's wonderful that you got me something in any case.

But this curiousity is slowly torturing me.

I managed to distract myself last night and today with movies and a book. But the movies are done, and so is the book. Must do something else....a long walk, that could help.

More tomorrow....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

An entire week of updates.

Yes, it's true. I'm really going to do an update EVERY day this week.
I might not have anything interesting to write about, but then again, maybe I will.

My boyfriend Anthony is away this week in Miami and since I hate to talk on the phone, I promised him an updated blog every day this week.
And that very sweet nice guy I'm dating also got me a St. Patrick's Day present. He gave it to me this morning, and then promptly told me I can't open it until St. Patricks Day. Which is Friday. Five days from now. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS NOT TO OPEN IT????

But I haven't peeked. I promise, I really haven't.
And I promised him I would get him something for his italian holiday. He told me I could use Columbus Day since Christopher Columbus is italian. But then I told him about the recent news story about testing his DNA to see where he was really buried and to find out if he was really italian. Anthony said that was ok, Columbus Day was fine. I may have to research italian holidays. Am I supposed to capitalize italian? Is it italian or Italian? I'm not really sure. 4 years at WPI and I can't remember my grammar. Maybe I should get a book and learn again.

So I'm only 1/4 Irish (if that even...only my ancestors really know) so I may have to look up holidays for my other nationalities...especially if my boyfriend is going to surprise me with presents. ;)

I'm just kidding. I promise.

So what else is new? I'm trying to buy a condo. More details and maybe even a picture tomorrow.
5 days until I open the little white box with a ribbon on top. And there's a card.

Friday, March 10, 2006

George Carlin says...

So my roommates like to have reading material in the bathroom. We have all sorts of stuff in there from US News Magazine to romance novels. One of the books we have in there is "Brain Droppings" by George Carlin. It's pretty funny, and I like some of the things he wrote.

I am updating my blog with a quote, just so I can have an update:
"People say when you die, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU. Well, that depends on what it is. If it's your dark blue suit, you can certainly take it with you. In fact, not only can you take it with you, you can probably put some things in the pockets."

Monday, February 20, 2006


<----Anthony's new car!

An update! fROM ME!

Ok, I know it isn't *that* exciting, but I have missed writing here...I missed my blog, I did really. Sometimes I just get really motivated to write. It could be anything from a poem to a story or an entry here in this journal.

So what is the latest? I'm still at the same job...I still like it. Still love my boss.
Last week I had to go to a training requirement from Dunkin Brands. It was a 3-day course in Store Management. The store managers are required to go, and since I am the trainer, I also had to go. It was basically a crash course in my bachelor's degree. The table of people sitting with me quickly realized that I knew all the answers. About half way through day one I realized I was doing all the work. On day 2 I stopped giving answers and volunteering. The second half of day 2 was a bit painful as everyone at my table looked at me for the answer.
Too bad so sad they lose.

So how was my Valentines Day? It was wonderful of course! I love this holiday. Boo to those of you who don't like it. I like the commercial holidays, leave me alone and let me celebrate, I will let you continue to hate it without fuss. Why do I love this holiday? My best Valentine's Day ever, I was actually single. Seriously.

Story Time:
I was a junior in High School, and I didn't have a boyfriend. I had been out on a few dates with a guy I liked named Matt. In high school, you can do things like buy carnations and roses and candy from different school clubs and groups for your crush or Valentine. The greatest thing about this was that you could sign your name to it OR send it anonymously.
Perfect for high school kids. And the cheerleaders or chess club or whoever got some extra cash.
On this particular Valentine's Day, I had recieved 3 carnations, 2 roses, and 6 lollipops. A few items were from friends, but the majority were secret admirers. What could be more fun than that when you are in high school??
The boy I had been seeing, Matt, he also got me some roses and chocolate covered strawberries. (mmmmm....chocolate covered strawberries....) Ok, back to story.
A friend of mine's little brother used to walk with me from one of my classes to the library. We always walked together and I was nice to him because he was my friend's little brother. Well, on this particular day he had his huge winter jacket with him bunched up in his arms, which I thought was rather wierd. Well, when we got to the library I said to him "Have a happy Valentine's Day" and he got a really red face and said, "Here, this is for you". He stuffed something large and soft into my hands and took off down the hall.
When I looked in my arms, I was holding a stuffed dog with a tag that read "I have a crush on you" and had a poem. It was so cute. I couldn't help myself, I was beaming.
At the end of that day I was getting my stuff together to go home and I had a lot, so I was having trouble. It just so happened a senior that I had a crush on was walking by.
He said "Need a hand with all that stuff?" And I just laughed. And then he said "Want a ride home? I have my truck with me.." And I floated all the way home...secret admirers, cute little brother, senior giving me a ride home...yes, that was and still is my best Valentine's Day ever.

So what did I do this year?
Well, you know I have mentioned my boyfriend Anthony. We are still together, he is so sweet and nice. We discussed Valentines day and we agreed nothing expensive. I didn't want the pressure of finding the perfect gift, and I didn't want him to feel pressure either.

BUT....since I love Valentine's Day so much, I told him it was okay to go nuts on cards and candy and whatever other stupid commercial knick knacks we could find.

So I got him a card and his favorite V-day candy, red hot cinnamon hearts.
And he got me a card and a stuffed Snoopy. :)
It's so cute.
And then we watched A Charlie Brown's Valentine.
Yes. Sappy, sweet, all of you depressed negative "black Tuesday" Valentine-hating people can stop reading now.
LOVE Valentine's Day.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I know...I know...

Update soon, I promise! (feel free to blast me with angry emails...)