Saturday, January 21, 2006

I know...I know...

Update soon, I promise! (feel free to blast me with angry emails...)


TC said...

Meh, whatever. There's no contractual obligation to post. If there's a choice between writing about your life and living it I vote for living it all the way.

Oh, and anyone who's upset that you aren't updating and telling them about your life, well here's an idea; they can call you, write you, or even better, take you out to Chili's :)

Hehe. :)

Martha said...

up date your blog as I know whats happening with you! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

HELLO!!!! And you used to blast me for not updating mine! I am shocked! How am I spose to know whats going on with you! DANI.........DO IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, so this is enough! WRITE IN YOUR BLOG WILL YOU!!!!!
Love ya!

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