Monday, February 20, 2006


<----Anthony's new car!

An update! fROM ME!

Ok, I know it isn't *that* exciting, but I have missed writing here...I missed my blog, I did really. Sometimes I just get really motivated to write. It could be anything from a poem to a story or an entry here in this journal.

So what is the latest? I'm still at the same job...I still like it. Still love my boss.
Last week I had to go to a training requirement from Dunkin Brands. It was a 3-day course in Store Management. The store managers are required to go, and since I am the trainer, I also had to go. It was basically a crash course in my bachelor's degree. The table of people sitting with me quickly realized that I knew all the answers. About half way through day one I realized I was doing all the work. On day 2 I stopped giving answers and volunteering. The second half of day 2 was a bit painful as everyone at my table looked at me for the answer.
Too bad so sad they lose.

So how was my Valentines Day? It was wonderful of course! I love this holiday. Boo to those of you who don't like it. I like the commercial holidays, leave me alone and let me celebrate, I will let you continue to hate it without fuss. Why do I love this holiday? My best Valentine's Day ever, I was actually single. Seriously.

Story Time:
I was a junior in High School, and I didn't have a boyfriend. I had been out on a few dates with a guy I liked named Matt. In high school, you can do things like buy carnations and roses and candy from different school clubs and groups for your crush or Valentine. The greatest thing about this was that you could sign your name to it OR send it anonymously.
Perfect for high school kids. And the cheerleaders or chess club or whoever got some extra cash.
On this particular Valentine's Day, I had recieved 3 carnations, 2 roses, and 6 lollipops. A few items were from friends, but the majority were secret admirers. What could be more fun than that when you are in high school??
The boy I had been seeing, Matt, he also got me some roses and chocolate covered strawberries. (mmmmm....chocolate covered strawberries....) Ok, back to story.
A friend of mine's little brother used to walk with me from one of my classes to the library. We always walked together and I was nice to him because he was my friend's little brother. Well, on this particular day he had his huge winter jacket with him bunched up in his arms, which I thought was rather wierd. Well, when we got to the library I said to him "Have a happy Valentine's Day" and he got a really red face and said, "Here, this is for you". He stuffed something large and soft into my hands and took off down the hall.
When I looked in my arms, I was holding a stuffed dog with a tag that read "I have a crush on you" and had a poem. It was so cute. I couldn't help myself, I was beaming.
At the end of that day I was getting my stuff together to go home and I had a lot, so I was having trouble. It just so happened a senior that I had a crush on was walking by.
He said "Need a hand with all that stuff?" And I just laughed. And then he said "Want a ride home? I have my truck with me.." And I floated all the way home...secret admirers, cute little brother, senior giving me a ride home...yes, that was and still is my best Valentine's Day ever.

So what did I do this year?
Well, you know I have mentioned my boyfriend Anthony. We are still together, he is so sweet and nice. We discussed Valentines day and we agreed nothing expensive. I didn't want the pressure of finding the perfect gift, and I didn't want him to feel pressure either.

BUT....since I love Valentine's Day so much, I told him it was okay to go nuts on cards and candy and whatever other stupid commercial knick knacks we could find.

So I got him a card and his favorite V-day candy, red hot cinnamon hearts.
And he got me a card and a stuffed Snoopy. :)
It's so cute.
And then we watched A Charlie Brown's Valentine.
Yes. Sappy, sweet, all of you depressed negative "black Tuesday" Valentine-hating people can stop reading now.
LOVE Valentine's Day.