Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Sirius!

Free Sirius...guess how?

So I am driving home from work on the MassPike today. I see a car in front of me, and it has a sign taped up in the back window. It read "Sirius 87.9". I was wondering if this guy was trying to advertise that Sirius radio users just tune their FM radios to 87.9 to use the FM transmitter feature. Did I spell that right?

So anyway, I tuned my radio to 87.9 and guess what? I was listening to Howard Stern! Until I lost the guy...but then I found OTHER people around me listening to Sirius radio stations. Too funny.

I will *never* pay for radio. Never. You can quote me on that.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Comments etc..

Hello all -
Just so you know, I do receive your comments, they get emailed to my yellowchevy inbox. However, right now I can't reply to those emails...I'm working on getting it fixed. Which really means that Anthony will fix it when he gets back. Because he is responsible for it not working. :)

(it's just a microsoft licensing issue)

So I had a vote on my "name my hubby" survey today...the IP address says New York City. I'm not sure I know anyone in New York City...if you voted and you are from New York, give me a shout...I'm curious as to who you are.

Not much happening this week. I might do some laundry, clean my room.
Anthony is gone, I'm a little bored.

More later. :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Guess what?!

So...guess what happened when Martha came to visit?!?!?!

I can't tell you yet in case it isn't public news...but as soon as she gives me the okay, I will let you all know. Most of you probably know already.

So I got to spend one week with Anthony (sort of) and now he is away again, this time in Atlanta, GA. He is there for training on a new software database thing-a-ma-jiggy for work. I really only got to see him for a few hours each evening, so we haven't been able to spend a good amount of time together yet. By the time he comes back...and with our work schedules, etc....I think it will be almost a month that we didn't get to spend an entire day together. Can you believe I actually want to spend a whole day with just one person? You better believe it, because I do. :)

Lucky for me, that day will probably be the day after my birthday, which for all purposes will still be my birthday. When your birthday is on Friday, the entire weekend becomes your birthday. :)

So today I picked out my season tickets for next year's Worcester Sharks Hockey team. It was very exciting and nice to see all of my old friends at the Centrum, oops, I mean DCU Center. I hate it when the rename things because someone bought it. It makes it really confusing. I got my first choice on seating, I just hope I like them when the season starts. I decided not to go with "on the glass" seats this year. But being further back gives me more options should more than one person want to go to the games.

I also got to visit with TC and see his new place. He officially moves in tomorrow. It got me really excited for my own move...I can't wait!!

More tomorrow....I'm sleepy, going to bed now.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Open Box

I opened the box! Inside were silver claddagh earrings. With a little green sparkly in them. They are very cute. I'll probably be wearing them for the next week if you want to see them. :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tomorrow I open the box....

Tomorrow morning I get to open the box. Tonight I will fall asleep looking at it...and even if I wake up at 5am and open it, I will try not to call Anthony until at least 6am. :)

I rearranged my bedroom. Really all I did was move the bed and carpet, but it looks different. I picked up some clutter. Paid some bills. I really should start sorting through stuff to decide what is coming with me and what is going in the trash bin. Anyone need hangers? I have about 100 that I don't need.

I need to make a list of things I should do before finish downloading my CD collection to my iPod. And then make playlists. And then use it more often than just in my room. I think I just still like the radio.

I was also thinking about changing the layout of my webpage. If anyone has ideas, let me know.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

That would totally stink.

My title of this post refers to TC's comment that maybe there is nothing inside of the white box. Okay, can't get too worked up, what if he was right?

3 days left, or is it 2?

I can't figure out the correct number of days.
I would say 2, but since I get to open the box first thing Friday morning, it might actually be one.

Either way, I cannot wait for Friday. On Friday I get to wear green, celebrate a fantastic Irish holiday, and I get to drink beer with my best friend Martha.
I'm so excited that she is coming to VISIT!!! Yay!!!

Since I'm trying not to think about opening the white box inside of the emerald green bag, I'll just concentrate on Martha's visit instead.
We have a busy weekend planned. We are going to spend TONS of time chatting.
And we are also going to our friend Speeds BBQ to celebrate hockey coming back to MA.
AND...we are having dinner Sat night at Chili's with a bunch of friends so they can all see Martha. It's actually a good thing that Anthony doesn't come home from Miami until Sat night, otherwise he would have to be ignored for a bit while I visit with Martha. :)

Can't wait for Friday! So many good things happening!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

4 more days...and news...and click on a link!

4. More. Days. And then I can open that box. Although today it was a lot easier to not think about it. I was actually a little busy at work and then Martha called me, yes, an actual phone call.

On occasion, she likes to talk on the phone, and when she calls, I will always answer. So her exciting news is that she is coming to visit! *This* weekend.
I can hardly wait! For those of you who know her, I am planning on dinner on Saturday night, a big group so everyone can say hi to her.

I can't wait to see her, she misses all of us a lot. She told me she was even thinking of moving back. Apparently her old job might be available, or even a better one.

And now...I need a favor from all of you. Please click on the breast cancer site link on the main page. It's found under "Travel in a yellow chevy"
There is a pink ribbon found in the middle of the webpage once you are on the site.
If you click on it, it helps the website get advertisers, which then pays for mammograms for women. It's a good idea, click on it whenever you think of it.

Thank you.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Day 5

Day 5, I keep staring at the bag. It's emerald green. A paper bag, that is emerald green. It's really my favorite shade of my favorite color.
I have to peek. I'm going to. Hold on a minute.

The envelope is a lighter shade of green. Kelly green. The color that is almost a light flourescent shade of green. You see it a lot in the spring, but not too many people can actually get away with wearing it. I'm one of those lucky people who can, the color matches my eyes. Must be my Irish heritage. ;)

The box is white. It has a small white bow on top, the kind you see on Christmas presents. It's probably 2.5"x3"x3". It doesn't weigh too much. And when I shake it, it doesn't make a lot of noise. It also has a gold sticker on top that says "Wexford House" and in smaller letters underneath it says "Irish Imports & Fine Gifts"
I'm not going to look that up on the web. I really do want to be surprised. So if any of my journal readers look it up, don't tell me.

I also hope that I don't get all excited and it turns out to be a shamrock flavored candy and I got all excited. oops...not that I wouldn't LOVE a shamrock flavored candy. :) Hon? Really...not kidding, I don't care. It's wonderful that you got me something in any case.

But this curiousity is slowly torturing me.

I managed to distract myself last night and today with movies and a book. But the movies are done, and so is the book. Must do something else....a long walk, that could help.

More tomorrow....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

An entire week of updates.

Yes, it's true. I'm really going to do an update EVERY day this week.
I might not have anything interesting to write about, but then again, maybe I will.

My boyfriend Anthony is away this week in Miami and since I hate to talk on the phone, I promised him an updated blog every day this week.
And that very sweet nice guy I'm dating also got me a St. Patrick's Day present. He gave it to me this morning, and then promptly told me I can't open it until St. Patricks Day. Which is Friday. Five days from now. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS NOT TO OPEN IT????

But I haven't peeked. I promise, I really haven't.
And I promised him I would get him something for his italian holiday. He told me I could use Columbus Day since Christopher Columbus is italian. But then I told him about the recent news story about testing his DNA to see where he was really buried and to find out if he was really italian. Anthony said that was ok, Columbus Day was fine. I may have to research italian holidays. Am I supposed to capitalize italian? Is it italian or Italian? I'm not really sure. 4 years at WPI and I can't remember my grammar. Maybe I should get a book and learn again.

So I'm only 1/4 Irish (if that even...only my ancestors really know) so I may have to look up holidays for my other nationalities...especially if my boyfriend is going to surprise me with presents. ;)

I'm just kidding. I promise.

So what else is new? I'm trying to buy a condo. More details and maybe even a picture tomorrow.
5 days until I open the little white box with a ribbon on top. And there's a card.

Friday, March 10, 2006

George Carlin says...

So my roommates like to have reading material in the bathroom. We have all sorts of stuff in there from US News Magazine to romance novels. One of the books we have in there is "Brain Droppings" by George Carlin. It's pretty funny, and I like some of the things he wrote.

I am updating my blog with a quote, just so I can have an update:
"People say when you die, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU. Well, that depends on what it is. If it's your dark blue suit, you can certainly take it with you. In fact, not only can you take it with you, you can probably put some things in the pockets."