Wednesday, March 15, 2006

3 days left, or is it 2?

I can't figure out the correct number of days.
I would say 2, but since I get to open the box first thing Friday morning, it might actually be one.

Either way, I cannot wait for Friday. On Friday I get to wear green, celebrate a fantastic Irish holiday, and I get to drink beer with my best friend Martha.
I'm so excited that she is coming to VISIT!!! Yay!!!

Since I'm trying not to think about opening the white box inside of the emerald green bag, I'll just concentrate on Martha's visit instead.
We have a busy weekend planned. We are going to spend TONS of time chatting.
And we are also going to our friend Speeds BBQ to celebrate hockey coming back to MA.
AND...we are having dinner Sat night at Chili's with a bunch of friends so they can all see Martha. It's actually a good thing that Anthony doesn't come home from Miami until Sat night, otherwise he would have to be ignored for a bit while I visit with Martha. :)

Can't wait for Friday! So many good things happening!!

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