Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Sirius!

Free Sirius...guess how?

So I am driving home from work on the MassPike today. I see a car in front of me, and it has a sign taped up in the back window. It read "Sirius 87.9". I was wondering if this guy was trying to advertise that Sirius radio users just tune their FM radios to 87.9 to use the FM transmitter feature. Did I spell that right?

So anyway, I tuned my radio to 87.9 and guess what? I was listening to Howard Stern! Until I lost the guy...but then I found OTHER people around me listening to Sirius radio stations. Too funny.

I will *never* pay for radio. Never. You can quote me on that.


KJ said...

Good for you! I agree, I'll never pay for radio. I said I would never pay for TV, either. Of course, I never thought I would pay for drinking water.....



Mimi said...

Whoops... this took so long coming up I didn't think it was working..
so I sent you an E-Mail...


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