Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So I really ended up closing on the 8th. I was really lucky and had some really great friends help me move that night....and by midnight, all of my stuff, Anthony's stuff, Martha's stuff and even Princess's stuff had been moved in.
Then of course it was in the middle of our living room and bedrooms.

So it has been a little over a week since we moved in. We have the living room and kitchen mostly put away and the bedrooms and bathrooms are still being worked on.
My parents came the Sunday after we moved in and installed all of our shades, the place really does look nice, even if I haven't done ANY decorating yet.

I think it will take about a year before the place is decorated. But I promise pictures before then. Once I can *find* my batteries and charger I will whip out the digital camera and go crazy.

So other updates....I GOT TO MEET BIG & RICH!!! Ok, so I got to shake their hands, take a picture (with Cowboy Troy as well) and say "wow, thank you so much for doing this" but I was right there, and I have the picture and my autographed cowboy hat to prove it. It was very quick..about 60 people and it was done very quickly, like an assembly line. But still pretty cool. The concert was nice too. I was able to score some free tickets through someone I know who works at the station. We were WAY in the back....but it wasn't a sold out show, so we had plenty of room to spread out and drink a beer or two and have a grand old time.

Next update. My mom has made a bet with me. She always wants me to be in better shape and to drop a few pounds. I always want her to quit smoking. So she has bet me that she will stop smoking one less cigarette a day, for every 2 pounds that I lose. The max I can lose in a week is 4 lbs.

What my mom doesn't get, is that with moving to the condo, with a gym down the hall, and a few friends (including my boyfriend) all wanting to get into better shape...I was going to do this anyway. So now she is in for it. Because she is going to have to quit smoking faster than she is prepared for. So the total amount I need to lose, to make my mom quit smoking is 40 lbs. This actually brings me to EXACTLY the weight my doctor told me to stop at, and then consult with a doctor before I lose more weight. SO it's a great goal. And I told my mom that as long as I keep the weight off (with the exception of pregnancy or medical illness) she must quit smoking.

But you know what? And I don't like saying this, because it upsets my mom, but she can't do it. I can do it, I can do anything I want. But my mom can't quit smoking.
So mom....if I lose the weight, and you don't quit, I'm probably going to hold it over your head. So neener neener.

What's really funny, is that she didn't realize the day she called me (yesterday) about this, was that I was eating a salad at lunch. (which is difficult since I'm allergic to tomatos, cucumbers, green peppers, and carrots...anyone have suggestions?) And not only was I eating the salad...I had been up at 5:30 that morning to go the gym with my friend TC. And the night before I had been to the gym with my boyfriend. So in the past 24 hours, I had been to the gym twice...had blueberries for breakfast and a salad for lunch.

And this morning, I had a banana for breakfast. An orange for a snack during the day. And some soup for lunch. Hahaha! The challenge is ON!
I can't wait for weigh in next Monday...(so expect updates on Mondays) because then I can call my mom and say "you get one less cigarette this week".

If I lose 2 lbs a will be Nov. 1st that my mom is smoke free. If I can average 4 lbs a week (bigger weight loss, plateaus etc) then she will be smoke free by the end of the summer. It's going to happen be prepared!

SO keep watching here for updates on how going to the gym at 5:30am is cool because I get it over with, but I wish I could sleep in until 7am like my roommates. And I will also update you on how I'm trying to eat healthy with my stupid food allergies (I haven't had ANY peanut butter! Aren't you proud? I am!) and my other food issues. (Like PCOS, where I avoid carbs)

I'm also trying to eat more organic foods. And I'm debating becoming a vegetarian (which I think is impossible with my allergies) but I definitely need to avoid dairy...all those hormones and steroids they give the cows cannot be good for you.
And think about it...cow milk is supposed to help a baby cow become a 2000 lb heffer.
Now I'm drinking milk...and DUH, why do I have a weight problem? It's definitely something to think about it.

I don't know any fat vegetarians, do you?

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Mom said...

So, you think I can't do it, huh!

Remember, lose slowly.... 1st of November sounds so much better than the end of the summer.

Talk to you next Monday!

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