Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Row, row, row your boat....

...gently down the stream...

Ok, so if you are working out on a rowing machine, it really isn't going gently down a stream. Yesterday morning when I went to the gym, I got on the eliptical like normal, except that when I went to cool down, I switched to the treadmill. The eliptical really doesn't cool you down very well. If you go too slow on the machine it will stop, and you will lose your settings, so I switched to the treadmill to slowly bring me down.

But TC wasn't done with his running yet. (I had to wake him up...again. How many times now? ;)) And I needed TC to go with me to my condo to verify my weight for the bet with my mom. So I got on the rowing machine for fun, and it WAS fun. It had a computer with a little pace boat to race...or something, I haven't really figured out the computer part yet. But I decided that my next workout would be on the rower.

So this morning I got on the rower, and I went 5000 meters. Which took me 32 minutes. I didn't think that was too shabby, and it was fun. And now I'm a bit sore...I'm feeling this...

So I think from now on, I am going to switch between the eliptical and rowing machine in the morning. And when I can, walk on the treadmill at night.
We don't have any TV, so going to the gym to walk and watch some TV if I feel like it won't be too bad.

So Anthony is in San Francisco this week for work, and Martha is dog/house sitting this I have the place to myself. Except for Princess. Who I think trys very hard to shed all her fur all day on the furniture while I'm gone. I think she is doing this in protest to Martha being gone.
Now I just need to train her to get used to the vacuum. If I could just vacuum the fur off of her directly, that would help so much!

TO DO tonight: CLEAN CONDO. Make chores lists. Read a book. I haven't done that in a while. Maybe I will go sit on the exercise bike while I read a book....

Measured out my cereal this morning. One cup = 200 calories. That was at 7am. It's now 8:30. I'm already starting to get hungry...I need to go find some 100-200 calorie snack.

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