Friday, July 28, 2006

Good news, bad news

So last Saturday I got on the scale and saw 165, down 5 lbs from my start made me so happy...I jumped around, and got excited about weight loss.
If only I could hold it until Monday...when I would have to get back on the scale.
Mondays are the official scale day after all.

I went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday because I had skipped Friday. And I was able to increase my workout to one hour. This was due to getting used to the workout and being so excited about the 165.

So the bad news? Monday morning I was back up to 167, which meant no weight loss.
Blah. So I have been feeling crappy about that all week.
Went to the gym Monday and Tuesday for an hour. My sister went with me Monday, so she is witness that I am a crazy woman and I do sweat for an hour. FULL HOUR.

I didn't get to go Wed because I had a Pampered Chef party, and then I didn't get to go yesterday because I had a skin appt out in Natick. Late nights. And there is so much going on at work too.

So I feel yucky today. Haven't even been near the scale. But I will be going after work (and going for an hour) and then grabbing a quick shower and then up to Vermont.
I'm bringing my PCOS nutrional book so I can continue to research how I am going to survive when I can't eat so many things.

Oh yeah, and I started to use Fitday (great program, want more details, let me know) but I couldn't use it at work, I called Tech Support, they are sending me a copy. Fitday is something I may need to use for the rest of my life. It tracks what you eat (like a food diary) but will also tell you if you don't get enough of something. And since I can't eat some may help me discover if I am not getting enough of a certian vitamin or mineral. Good I just have to make it work. And I need a USB stick since I can't run the program at work for whatever reason and I fried my USB stick.

But I have no cash because I pay my first mortgage payment this weekend. I am going to be so broke. But I have a home!

What else? Oh yeah, I accidentally ate peanut butter yesterday. I was at a meeting for Dunkin Brands (out in Holyoke, didn't get home until 6pm, that's why no gym) and I had a nice lunch of salad...romaine lettuce, mozarella cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a little bit of bacon sprinkles (bad Dani! bad!) and some ranch dressing. I probably should have skipped the ranch dressing but the other choices were italian (which I didn't feel like having) and french (which I don't like).
So because I had a nice salad, I thought one sugar cookie couldn't hurt. Except three bites into it (I was distracted, talking to my boss) I realized it was peanut butter. I put the cookie down, and felt bad about it the rest of the day.

My other desert choices? Snickers, 3 Musketeers, chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies. Oh, were there healthy choices? Yes...apples, pears, cantalope, and strawberries. I couldn't eat those either. I hate allergies. I hate PCOS.

I am going to have a diet of water, chicken and vitamin supplements. I can see it now. Oh yeah, and steamed brocolli...that really isn't so bad.

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