Tuesday, July 11, 2006

one pound

So I tried to update yesterday, but I was very busy at work and there were connection problems at home.

So I lost one pound since last Wednesday, not too bad really. And I am predicting a huge comeback for next Monday. (I have to go into Boston tomorrow, and I'm planning on doing some walking while there.)

So I had a doctor's appt last Friday. My doctor was impressed that I am working out (and she noted I lost weight since my last visit) and that I am trying to change my diet. However, she recommended that I don't change my diet too much. She said the reason for this was because when you start changing the amount or types of foods that you eat, it puts your body into panic mode, and it will shut down and try to hang on to every little fat cell. At this point (according to my doc) your body thinks it might starve. So she said no diet ever really works. She said your body will eventually get used to whatever it is you are eating or depriving yourself of.

So she said exercise is the key to everything. She also said I could eat whatever I want as long as I exercise. (hello pizza!!!) She told me that the last thing she was going to do, was to tell me yet another food I wasn't allowed to eat. She said I have enough food issues, go eat what I can and what I want (within what I can.)

Yay! The doc made me feel better about everything.

And then Sunday night I walked for an hour, biked for 30 minutes. Monday morning, up at 5am, eliptical for 30 mins. Monday night, walked for an hour at Home Depot and Lowes. They have way too many products...and way too many different sections to keep everything you are supposed to use to clean granite. Cleaner is in one section, polisher in your granite sealed? I don't know...the people who built my place weren't that bright, probably not. Okay, you will need sealer. And of course that was in a different section.

At that point I found Anthony (we were at Lowes) and he said, let's go to Home Depot, I have to return that part. So then I did the same thing at the Depot.

And then I got up at 5am and rowed for 30 minutes at an increased setting.
And oh yeah, my eliptical level went up from 1 to 3.
I can exercise...but can I lose weight? co-workers are eating good foods...bacon...peanuts...apples...yum!
(I have yogurt. weeee.)

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Just my post to confirm the weight loss.

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