Monday, February 19, 2007

Bigger! Better! New and Improved!

Ok, so it's been a VERY VERY VERY long time since I updated.
Has anyone missed me? :)

So thank goodness, I'm not bigger. I'm working on better. And for new and improved?
I plan on updating the webpage. Immediately. In fact, I may work on it tonight.

So what is new? Nothing really. Still live in the condo, I'm still with Anthony. Martha still lives with us. I'm still at the same job. The one big difference is.....I have a puppy!
And I actually stopped updating my blog at the same time that I got him.
He is now 8 months old. He is extremely cute. He is a mixed breed. His mom was an American Eskimo...and we aren't sure what the dad is.
I will post a picture, and then you guys can take some guesses.

More coming soon. And an update on that whole food/diet/bet with my mom thing. is still on. And I'm in a slump. I hate food. Even pizza.