Thursday, May 20, 2010

Starting Over

I titled this post Starting Over for a number of reasons.

1. I am starting over the blog.
2. It's the tentative name of the novel that I have been trying to write and I am hoping that the blog will encourage me to write more. (maybe I will tell you more about this)
3. My previous posts were mostly about my struggle with losing weight and my war with food. I have "started over" on that journey. (more to follow)

I will post updates on many many many things that have happened in the past two years when I have not been blogging. I don't know why I stopped, maybe I lost interest? I will try to be better.
More updates coming soon. I promise.

My old readers will notice I changed the name. I used to be Yellow Chevy. I still have my yellow chevy, and I still love it. But I won't have it forever. I think the new name "Dani Do It" is more appropriate.
I will explain the name better in my next post.

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