Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Dani Do It?

So now that I have started the blog over and with a new name, some people might want to know why I changed it.

The old name was Yellow Chevy. That is because I drive a yellow Chevy Cavalier. And it's awesome. I still have my car and I love it. But I probably won't be able to drive it forever. That car was also the inspiration for my old website. But I have taken down the website and I am now concentrating just on this blog.

So why Dani Do It? Dani Do It (or Danidoit) is one of a few nicknames that I have. Basically if something needed to be done, Dani would do it. My former roommate Martha gave me this nickname because if anything needed to be done in the apartment I would take care of it. I think that is the "take charge!" Aries side of my personality.

I have also been told my whole life that if there was a challenge put in front of me, I wouldn't back down and that I would it. This has been true for a lot of things in my life.
I had a co-worker ask me almost 9 years ago to go sky diving. So I said sure! And I did it.
I was told that WPI was a challenging school and there were a few times when some people thought I might not graduate....but well, I went and did that too. (within 4 years! woot!)

Once, in Vermont, it was 42 degrees outside. This was Memorial Day weekend. And I always go swimming Memorial Day weekend. Someone said "You won't do it."
They had obviously just met me that weekend. Of course I did it!! And it was really freaking cold!

Anyway, there are way more examples than that and probably better ones too. But you get the idea. Basically someone will challenge me or I will get it in my head that I am going to do something....and bam! I go for it. I enjoy challenges and puzzles and getting things done.
Dani Do It.

I will.

Dani is going to do a blog.


KJ said...

Love it!

AlarmClockWars said...

Ahem. Gravity brings me down.

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