Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1st Anniversary

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And now....what you have all been waiting update on my weekend!
Anthony and I traveled to Vermont to celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary. We decided to stay at a Bed and Breakfast and do a bunch of touristy type things together. We realized during this trip that it was the first time we had been alone together for more than a few hours since our honeymoon! So the entire weekend was really special.
We started our weekend on Saturday morning by sleeping in...something we rarely do these days. We packed up our suitcase, our anniversary cake, a bottle of wine from our wedding and we were off! We decided to go the Magic Hat Brewery as our first stop. On the way we stopped at a restaurant called Three Tomatoes Trattoria. Anthony found this restaurant through an online group called the Vermont Fresh Network.
We had a really great lunch here, the food was excellent and the portion sizes were just right. (which in my mind is smaller than your average lunch plate.)

Anthony was pretty excited to tour the brewery, he was like a kid in a candy store.

We got free samples of all of their beers at the end and we both ended up buying t-shirts. I bought the t-shirt of my favorite beer, which was called Circus Boy. The t-shirt features a ferris wheel. Anthony bought a t-shirt that featured the logo from "Wacko" the summer brew that we had a keg of at our wedding. He said it was because he liked the logo and because it was the beer served at our wedding. Awww...that was romantic. :)
After the brewery we drove to our Bed and Breakfast, The Three Bears at the Fountain.
The owners of the B&B were very friendly and welcoming. They gave us a short tour of their home and showed us to our room. The B&B has two hot tubs, a heated swimming pool and stunning views of the mountains and valley. They had a lot of little "extras" as well. We would highly recommend this B&B if you are going to Stowe, VT.

After we checked in, and rested for a bit, we were on our way to dinner. We ate a restaurant called "Santos". I would love to get you a link, but they don't have a website yet. They are very new and very popular. Anthony found this restaurant again through the Vermont Fresh Network. Our B&B hosts made us reservations and even provided us with directions. (The owners of the Three Bears really go above and beyond!) We had a really nice dinner at this restaurant, they have very fancy latin food and I was really brave...I let Anthony order for me and I loved my food! Our waiter talked us into dessert even though we had anniversary cake waiting for us in our room. Our dessert was a sampling of three different sorbet's. We had a Guava, Coconut and Lemon Blueberry. I didn't care for the Guava, it reminded me too much of mango which I don't like the flavor of. I was really surprised how much I liked the coconut and I loved the Lemon Blueberry.
After dinner and dessert we retired to our room where we had Moscato D'Asti, chocolate-covered strawberries and cake!
We were way too full for the cake. There was also a GIANT jacuzzi tub in our room.
So we went to bed early and called it a night.

Just kidding.

What? Did you think you were getting all of the details? We had a very romantic and very relaxing evening. That's the PG rated version of the story.

The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast. Our guests served us such a big breakfast, that we didn't eat much for the rest of the day. Breakfast was served on the deck outside overlooking the valley and river below. We had a vegetarian omelette and bacon and toast and fruit and coffee cake and juice...and I think there was more. It was a GREAT breakfast. Anthony and I felt very lucky that we had such great food all weekend. We chatted with our hosts over breakfast and learned that there was a Farmer's Market in town that day. We decided to add that to our list of things to do and we packed up our bags and said farewell to our hosts.
We will be writing up some great reviews for them on
Sunday was spent visiting the Farmer's Market (we bought groceries and were happy we had the cooler with us from the cake!) and we went up through Smuggler's Notch and did some exploring on the cliffs.

We stopped by two glass blower studios and watched how glass is made. We love the glass sculptures but for the life of us, we can't figure out where we would put it. We aren't really knick-knack types. Our last stop before we went home was at the Ben & Jerry's Factory.

This was actually the one part of our trip we don't recommend. The tour is only mildly interesting (kids will be very bored) and the tour is very short. You have to pay ($3) and you do get a free sample at the end. We got to try Boston Creme Pie, which was pretty good. We checked out the "Flavor Graveyard" and got in line for ice cream. 45 minutes later, we had ice cream. Now, it was some of the best ice cream we ever had, but I'm not sure it was worth waiting in line for 45 minutes with other hot, irritated, and cranky kids. We won't be bringing our kids here. It would be cheaper to buy a pint of ice cream at the store and decide you don't like it, toss it, and try another one.

Over all, our weekend was AWESOME. There are way more details than I can possibly provide in one post. I missed the barn-yard sale we stopped at, the random stops we made along the way, the plan our day as we go attitudes and the story of how we left our camera at Three Tomatoes and had to go back and get it and how we almost didn't go to Smuggler's Notch because we didn't know to go. I didn't mention the "not-an anniversary present" I got for Anthony and the cards we exchanged.

Everything was AWESOME!!! :) Did I mention awesome? Just checkin'!

Anthony and I have decided our anniversary tradition will be to go away for one night on our anniversary. We think that this will be a good option for us no matter what the future brings. We can either make it a weekend away, or just one night away at a local hotel depending upon financial stuffs and kids. But we both agreed, time away, just the two of us, will be a permanent part of our anniversary celebration.

Oh yeah. We did finally eat some of the cake. On Sunday night (our actual anniversary). We both had a few bites and thought "it's okay." We didn't finish it and we agreed that the chocolate-covered strawberries and sorbet was much better.
Oh well. At least we saved the cake and ate it. It looked pretty though. :)

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