Thursday, June 10, 2010

How do you celebrate?

So my husband and I will be celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary a week from this coming Sunday. We have decided we want to do something as a tradition every year, but we haven't really finalized what that will be.
We want to make sure that in future years we will always take the time on this one day to celebrate our marriage, and that finances, kids, and life won't get in the way. So we want it to be something we do every year.
We are definitely going to be eating our cake. (yay! cake! Anniversary cake calories don't count right? haha) We have thought about viewing our wedding video, but well, it isn't done yet. I have been lazy and I haven't finished editing it yet. That whole "life" thing got in the way. And frankly, once the wedding was done, I was just happy to be done with it and get on with life. :) I loved wedding planning really...but I don't miss it. Not one bit.

So back to the question.

Most people would go out for dinner and maybe exchange gifts. We always celebrated our dating anniversary with a dinner out, but we never did gifts. We both tend to purchase big items as our gifts to each other for events. (TV for Christmas, new bed = Christmas, Valentine's Day and Birthdays)

But we want to do something special. We have considered going away for the weekend (New York City), buying cards, going out for dinner, purchasing gifts, etc.
We just haven't finalized anything.

How do you celebrate your anniversary?

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