Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I forgot how tight pants used to be.

I wore my skinny jeans yesterday and I have decided I need to lose another 5 pounds before those jeans are comfortable. I had forgotten what it was like to wear tight pants since most of my pants are now too big or baggy.

Tight pants = ouch!

I had one of those big red marks on my belly from the pants and I couldn't wait to get them off. It was a friendly reminder all day not to eat too much but was it really worth it? Make sure that your clothes fit no matter what size you are. You will be a lot more comfortable. And even though it was nice to fit into those jeans, I love finding my normal pants are now too baggy. Now I just need to invest in belts and eventually some new pants.

Hey, did you know that the actor who plays Kurt's father on the show Glee is a Celtics fan? I didn't know that either.

Just try to ignore that I got this picture from my company's newspaper rival. :)


AlarmClockWars said...

Oh, right... The bad side of skinny jeans...

Dani said...

red marks = ouchie.

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