Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Skinny Jeans

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Anthony and I went to Vermont to celebrate Father's Day early. My sister and her boyfriend joined us as well and we had a great time. We were celebrating Father's Day early because my first wedding anniversary falls on Father's Day this year.
We have decided what we are doing, but we are keeping it a surprise. We will let you all know what we decided to do next week, so stay tuned!

I have promised an update on my battle of the weight and it's coming soon, I promise.
I'm waiting to post all about it when I reach my first goal. And right now, as of this morning, I am 1.5 pounds away from it! And you know what else? I wore my skinny jeans to work. These aren't my, oh, they are a little tight but I can squeeze into them jeans. These are my "they didn't fit when I bought them, but maybe they would someday" jeans. I got them at a department store that sells higher end clothes at good discounts. (

They are Calvin Klein. And a few months ago, they didn't fit. And now they do!

I have a few articles of clothing like that. There is nothing better than "discovering" clothes in your closet that you can wear again.
More information coming soon, I promise. With before and after photos! Yep, I am going to show you all pictures of me at my worst.

This past weekend we had an electrician do some wiring and put in new lights for us in our condo...and they look AMAZING! I am so happy with the results. We still have more work being done, but here are a few pictures to show you the best parts.

The pictures didn't really come out all that well, and if you didn't know what it looked like before, these pictures don't really show you just how awesome it is now. I wish we had done this a few years ago, but back then we didn't care about what our place looked like and we didn't have any money to purchase the lights or hire the electrician. I'm glad we are doing it now, this is just step 1 in the big renovate the condo project. Many more things to come. I'll try to do before and after pictures for everything.
In the meantime, if you are in the Worcester area and you need a great electrician who can help you with lighting design and ideas for your home, please let me know. I would love to recommend our electrician. (He is also a neighbor!)


AlarmClockWars said...

Congrats on the skinny jeans! I know how good that feels!! The renovations look great. The lighting is pretty slick.

Jo said...

I think the lights look awesome!

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