Monday, June 21, 2010

Vote for Tracy!

An update on my weekend is coming soon! (short version - It was awesome!)

In the meantime, please vote for Tracy. I had planned a dedicated post to Tracy, my nutritional and health counselor but I hadn't gotten to it yet. I wouldn't have been able to lose weight and change my life the way I have without her.
I can't believe how much more I enjoy eating every day because of the things I have learned from her. She is an incredibly intelligent woman who passionately educates people every day about what we eat.

Here is an email I received from her today:
"Hi Dani ,
You already know I am passionate about real food and real health!
Today I help hundreds of people each year, but it could be so much more.
I want to help Millions of people to take back their health. One person at a time.
My goal is to have my own TV show called Eating on Purpose, and I'm competing in a contest sponsored by Oprah Winfrey to earn that opportunity. But I truly cannot do this alone. I need and ask for your help and partnership! I need votes (and a LOT of them) this week. You can see my quick video audition here.
If it resonates with you, then hit the green Vote button underneath the video. You may vote as many times as you like, so please click Back and vote a few times! Please then forward this email to your friends, family, networks, and distribution lists and share your support for the idea. I need to get millions of votes, so I will be very grateful for anything you can do to help spread the word (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, My Space).

Together, we can start turning around the health of Americans - one healthier choice at a time. Myth-busting, unraveling food company deception, healthy cooking, inspiring interviews with people who have changed their lives with food (maybe some of you?): it's going to be awesome!

Thanks very much,

So if you get a moment, please vote! Thanks!

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KJ said...

I voted. It's a wonderful thing. We need to eat better. We are killing ourselves with chemicals. :(

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