Thursday, June 03, 2010

Worcester Discount Deals

I want to tell everyone about a really awesome thing in Worcester. I'm sure there are similar services in your towns and cities as well and you should look into it.
Have you ever listened to your local radio station and heard them advertise about half price gift certificates to local restaurants and businesses?
Usually it's something that is offered at 8am on a Thursday or Friday and it's a first-come, first-serve kind of thing. Once they sell out, you are out of luck.
Well, I heard an advertisement for this on our local radio station (WSRS, 96.1) and it was for a local restaurant, Mezcal. (
This is one of very few restaurants that Anthony and I can completely agree on. They have the most amazing guacamole and although we try as hard as we can, we can't seem to recreate their perfect recipe. Anyway, back to my point....WSRS was going to have half-price gift certificates to this restaurant. So I went on their website to find all the details. I logged on to the website at the right time and I got myself a whole bunch of gift certificates which I also shared with friends.
This was an amazing deal!
But wait, I haven't even gotten to the best part of this service. There was some confusion about the gift certificates so I emailed customer service to get some help. I immediately got a reply from a man named Dave who took care of all my needs. He replied immediately to all of my emails, he took care of the problem quickly and kept me notified of the status of the situation.
I was so impressed!
But gets even better!
Fast forward a few months. I had used 4 of my gift certificates at Mezcal. Anthony and I took different friends who had never been to the restaurant before (and opened their eyes to the best guacamole in Worcester!) and we had also gone for my birthday. But my account on the Worcester Discount Deals website didn't show that any of our gift certificates were used.
Normally this isn't that big a deal, maybe the restaurant just hadn't reported it yet. But the problem for me was that I didn't print them all out at the same time and they each have a unique code and you can't use the same code twice. concern was that I was going to reprint the old ones and try to use them again when I didn't mean to since the used ones were not showing as used. (this is all online in an easy to use account on their website)
So I emailed Dave to let him know the problem.
He immediately solved it for me and let me know that if the restaurant gave me a hard time about my remaining gift certificates (just in case I did re-use the unique codes) that I could call him and he would talk to the manager.
Wow....personal service. Fast service. Really catering to the customer.
Then the bonus.
Dave gave me a gift certificate for free to make up for all my trouble.
It's for Edible Arrangement's new store called Frutations. It's for $10, just enough for me to try something at that location (coming soon to Auburn it says!).
That sums up my experience with Worcester Discount Deals. Everyone should sign up for stuff.
And if you don't live in Worcester, get a gift for someone who does live in Worcester.
Or find Discount Deals in your area.

Worcester Discount Deals:

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