Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because so many asked....

No, I did not eat the donut. :)

My co-worker was nice enough to eat the last one that was still left this morning so that I wouldn't be tempted. I didn't tell him that day-old donuts don't tempt me anyway.

After you have worked with Dunkin Donuts, that donut better be less than 4 hours old.

And I just realized that I am so ingrained by the Dunkin Donuts brand that I have been spelling donut wrong.

It should be doughnut.


Chris said...

Surprisingly, it still tasted the same as it did the day before! Hmmm.... what does that say about the doughnut?

Dani said...

I'm just going to tell myself it's because it was loaded with preservatives. So even on the first day it would still taste like a day old doughnut.

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