Thursday, July 29, 2010

The BodyBugg

If you have seen me lately, you might have noticed something on my arm. I get a lot of questions about it. Most people think it's a pedometer or a heart monitor. It's actually something called The BodyBugg.

Have you ever watched The Biggest Loser?   The contestants on that show wear this on their arms.  It helps calculate approximately how many calories you are burning.  When I first heard of this tool, I thought HOW AWESOME!   Then I looked up the price, and it just seemed so expensive.  I did loads of research online to see if people were happy with it and I also tried to find other products that I could use instead that were cheaper.   I didn't end up getting anything because nothing seemed to work like the BodyBugg.
(I'll get to how it works in just a minute)

This past Christmas I convinced Anthony's family and my own family to do a Secret Santa gift exchange, which meant we were all getting just one present.  My mom had me and guess what she got me?  The BodyBugg!   Now...she was really really worried about how I would react to getting this as a gift.  (Nobody wants a diet book or a gift to a diet plan or exercise equipment as a gift....)  In the past my mom and I have clashed about my weight.  It's always been a sensitive subject, however she knew that I had really wanted a BodyBugg and that I didn't want to invest the money in it was really a great gift.   And she was so happy that when I opened my gift I completely freaked out and got VERY excited.  I was very happy to receive this gift.   I understood where my mom was coming from and she felt like she was taking a big chance with this gift....but she got it perfect!  I loved (and still do!) my christmas present. THANK YOU MOM!!! :)

On December 27, 2009 I got on the scale and weighed in at 175 pounds, my heaviest weight ever.  I logged onto the BodyBugg website and I started my plan.   I couldn't wait to see how many calories I burned!
I soon learned that I burned a lot less than I thought I did.  In fact, I hardly burned any at all.  No wonder I wasn't losing weight.

So how does it work?  It measures your body temperature, perspiration and movement.   It isn't waterproof so you can't wear it swimming and it doesn't accurately calculate your calories when you are on a bike (they are working on improving that for future products.) but other than that, it works great!  I wear it 24/7.  I take it off for about an hour a day while I shower and get a chance to clean the bugg itself.  (I also need to let my skin breathe...I have a great tan line on my arm from this thing..haha).

In order to get the "full" experience of the BodyBugg there is an online subscription that you pay for.  (6 months comes free with the bugg, I paid for an additional six months)  The online tools include loads of tips and advice (which you can also get for free without joining, just check out the website) and logs for tracking food, weight, measurements.  The online program also has example meals and recipes as well.  I honestly only really use the food log portion to keep track of my calories.  It's very simple to use and most of the foods I eat are already in their system.  (that is because I eat real foods, like fruits and veggies, so I don't need to program in my "packaged" foods as much.)

So it's really as simple as this.  Log your food.  Upload your calorie burn.  Do the math, lose weight!
(Did you know that you need to burn more than 3500 calories than you are eating per week to lose just one pound?)

The BodyBugg also has an optional product you can buy that has a "read-out" (like a watch) that will show you the information that your bugg is tracking.  It shows activity level, steps, and calorie burn.  If you were not paying for the subscription online, you could just use this readout and keep track everyday on a spreadsheet.  I haven't attempted to try this yet, but I probably will next year when my current subscription runs out.

Let me know your questions about the BodyBugg.  It isn't cheap, but it's an incredibly helpful tool.  Do you need it to lose weight?  No.  Did it help me?  Yes.  It was the final tool I needed to begin losing weight.

Did you know that we constantly underestimate our caloric intake and we overestimate our calorie burn?  Having the BodyBugg took all the guessing out of the equation.  It definitely helped me.  Through the years I have consulted numerous nutritionists, doctors, trainers and books.  I have read articles online and tried so many different diets.  I have educated myself to the point of I might as well become a trainer or health counselor myself...that is how deep my education has gone.  But in that process I have learned what works, what doesn't work.  What is healthy and what isn't healthy?    I had all the pieces, except the last one.

The last piece was "how does my body burn the calories anyway?" and I discovered I don't burn all that much.  Now I work my butt off.  I love looking at my read out and seeing how far I have come each day. 

If you have any questions about the BodyBugg, leave me a comment!

Tomorrow's post will be all the "extras".  I will write about all of the other little things I am doing and I will post a typical daily menu for myself.

By the way, this scale said 144.8!  Whoo hoo! Finally got past 145!

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