Thursday, July 01, 2010

Final Weigh In

Today was my final weigh in day. I wanted to lose 25 pounds by July 1st.
I reached 147.7 last week, so it was my goal to maintain that to this morning, and I did! (Good thing too...I had some junk food the other night, but not too much!)

I had made a bet with my friend TC. I did this because we both needed to lose weight and I wanted a gym buddy and someone to travel this adventure called losing weight with me. I decided TC was the perfect person to challenge. This is because he is extremely competitive and also because in the past, whenever he said he would work out with me...he went for about two weeks and then started bailing on me.

So my thoughts were this. Either he would bail again and I would win. OR he would step up to the challenge and challenge me to stay on track.
Well, the challenge worked. We are both in great shape and have lost a lot of weight.
Our betting terms were this:
We picked our deadline date (July 1st) and we picked out goal weights. (realistic goals for us to reach with a little room to spare in case we had a rough week) The date and weights chose were realistic goals, but they would also force us to stay consistent and make lifestyle changes, not just work out really hard at the last minute. His total weight to lose was larger than mine, this was due to the fact that he is over a foot taller than me and because he is a guy. :) We both put money "into the pot". One Hundred Dollars. If we both reached our goals by July 1st, then we both "won". If we both missed our goals by July 1st, then we both lost, and we had to put more money back into the pot and set new dates with new weight goals. If one of us reached our goal, and the other didn't, they get the "loser's" $100.
So who won? I did! With two pounds to spare. I was supposed to reach 150.

It was really close though. TC went "Biggest Loser" on me with last minute workouts and really watching what he ate the past 2-3 days and he lost SIX POUNDS!!! He was 2 pounds away from reaching his goal. What did he do? He was very strict with what he ate, was running every morning and working out after work. He has a membership at Bally's fitness so I couldn't see what he was doing exactly, but probably more running, weights and swimming. He probably did that on purpose, didn't want me to see him doing all that working out. :)

He looks great! Last night my sister and I were in the gym and she said "How much more weight have you lost? You look skinnier from last week." Well, she was right, he was six pounds skinnier, that bastard!

I told him that he has no excuses to gain weight. While losing weight takes dedication and hard work, this was not difficult for him. He is meant to be skinny. He now looks VERY close to what he looked like when we first met. I took some nice "after" pictures of him this morning. I'm hoping he will use the portrait shot I took to start a profile on That boy needs to start dating.

TC's blog is linked here, see the links on the right hand side. Maybe he will post his pictures there as well.

Some people might wonder if TC is upset that he lost by 2 pounds. Not at all! He has thanked me so much in the past month and has said that I was the cheapest trainer he has ever hired. :) Awww, thanks TC!

And thanks for my new Kate Spade purse...or sunglasses...or shoes...or whatever it is I end up buying for my reward! :)


TC said...

So a few comments from me since I'm the other half of this story :)

1) Yes I have bailed on her every single other time. That is not an exaggeration. I've always had an issue that life would get in the way every time I finally got into a routine. It's been like that for times even before I met Dani. The bet gave me the extra push to make sure I put my health first and foremost and didn't let life get in the way.

2) No I didn't do the Bally's to hide my workouts from Dani ;) I like Bally's because they have an indoor track, swimming pool and hot tub.

3) Dani is correct, I'm not upset in the least that I "lost" by only two pounds. I have truly won in every sense with the exception of the literal terms of the bet. As Dani posted, I really do feel that $100 is the cheapest personal trainer I could have gotten for a 5 month weight loss regimen.

4) Yes I have posted my overview of the bet as well as my own before pictures. They are some of the pictures I have hated the most over the years. The most unflattering pictures of the weight I have gained over time, including a few "Biggest Loser" style shots that I took to motivate me. Tomorrow I will post some "after" pictures.

Jo said...

I am very proud of the both of you! You are an inspiration to us all.

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