Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Number 9

I discovered something completely silly and frustrating just a few minutes ago.
For some reason, the past two days, I have been writing the number 9 instead of the number 7 when writing out the date.

I even did it last Friday.

For example. If I was writing: 7/13/10, instead I put down: 9/13/10.

I have no idea why I was doing this or why I thought it should be September or why I thought summer should be over?!

So I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to find all the places where I may have dated something incorrectly. In my line of work, unfortunately I have a lot of paperwork with initials and dates on them. (Yep! We like to kill trees! Thank you SARBOX!) I hope I found them all. Unfortunately I had done this in a bunch of different places. And my favorite number is why wasn't I using it?

Anyone ever have a day like that?

Why doesn't my brain work today?


Ronja said...

Where I work I need to write the date 13 July 10. If you do that maybe it will help :-)

AlarmClockWars said...

Would you believe I caught myself doing the same thing on Monday? 9 is my favorite number... Interesting...

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