Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Brrr....A/C is cold!

So it's summer. And it's hot and humid. So of course we have the air conditioning running in our office. For most of my life I have found A/C to be a relief.

That has changed a bit now. I also noticed that at home, I'm not constantly checking out the temperature seeing if I need to adjust the central air....

I am now cold. I was never cold before. My arms are covered in goosebumps!
The only thing I can think of to change me this much is my weight loss. I think I lost my "insulation"! Loss of body fat = drop in body temperature. Or at least ability to keep warm. Brrr! Good thing I have a sweater at work. :)

Over the next few days I am going to be playing around with the look of the blog. So expect some changes. Definitely give me feedback if you have opinions on the changes that I make. Happy Tuesday!

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