Monday, August 30, 2010

Dani Do It: Server+ exam

So sometimes Dani doesn't feel like doing it. But I have to.
My company has offered to pay for me to get certifications completed. I got the first two done, but I have been very lazy about the next one.

So...I have decided to write about it here. That means I have now "gone public" and I will have to do it. I am scheduling the exam for September 25th.

I don't know why I lost motivation to get it done, but I am trying to re-motivate myself. The best way to do that is to force it upon myself. I did fail one of the other exams and I had to take it twice, so that might explain my hesitation on taking this third exam. It's no fun to study for a test. It's no fun to fail. It's especially no fun to have to take the test again. I don't want to fail any more tests. (It costs money every time, and I only get reimbursement for passing.)

Which means now I have to go study. Yuck.

And schedule the test.

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