Monday, August 02, 2010

I'm hungry.

I was in Vermont this past weekend, we had a really great time.  Check out this "family portrait":

I love that hammock. :)

My mom and I were discussing my posts last week about diet and exercise and she reminded me of something. I completely forgot to write about something VERY important. What is that? It's the fact that I am hungry.
Not every day and all the time. But I am hungry.

Let me explain.

Most diets are marketed to you that won't ever feel hungry! I think that's a load of crap. Your body sends hunger signals once your calories have been depleted. It does this to MAINTAIN your weight. Your body is not programmed to lose weight.

What you need to do, is to learn the difference between these three things:
1. I want to eat something. (do you NEED to?)
2. I am getting some hunger signals. (uh oh, if you don't eat this body may be forced to use stored up fat.)
3. I need to eat because my body requires energy (calories) to function.

I have a VERY careful balance between 2 and 3. It's hard to know the difference.
Do I go to bed hungry? Frequently. If I eat before bed then I can't burn off those calories. They will get turned into stored fat on my body.

Let me give you some examples of the different hungers.
Number 3 would be when you first wake up in the morning and you are starving! This is definitely number 3. You haven't had anything to eat in 10-12 hours (hopefully!) and your body needs some fuel to get that engine going this morning.
Number 3 should also come roaring in at lunch time.

Number 2 is that feeling in between your meals or snacks that makes you think, hmm, I wonder what the vending machine has available. Number 2 will turn into number 3 after a time. Drink some water or unsweetened iced tea and see if you can get number 2 to keep quiet.

Number 1 is when you are bored. Your stomach is not growling. You don't have any hunger signals. You smell something and you want to eat it. Or you see something really good like candy or baked goods and you just want to taste it. Don't EVER give in to number 1!!

My perfect example of number 1 from this past weekend? My neighbors were having a pig roast and we were invited over to partake in the food. I took a little bit of a few things. (and I had a Mai Tai and a jello shot...I won't lie, I had to kayak later to work that off...try kayaking while buzzed...weee!) I ate just enough to get number 3 to go away.


They also had other temptations.

Like BBQ potato chips.

But guess what? I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to taste them. I thought about grabbing a handful about 3-4 times. I debated with myself about it. I thought about how I could grab some and maybe no one would notice. Yup, I was thinking about eating food...and sneaking about it. If you are "sneaking" your are not hungry.

I didn't grab any chips. The Mai Tai was bad enough for one day...haha.

Oh, did I mention the brownie sundae that night? Yep...didn't lose any weight his weekend. But I was truthful last week. I do eat whatever I want. And I still lose weight. Small portions and LOTS of sweating.

Again, I highly recommend this book. It will teach you how your body works (remember Biology in High School, this book is like a fun biology text book) and how to listen to your body to see if you are really hungry. It also teaches you how to listen to your cravings.

You on a Diet

Got questions about being hungry? Want more examples? Let me know.


Joe said...

i agree about the hunger notes. always let your body do the natural work that it does best. fuel your metabolism with 5-6 appropriately sized, healthy portions each day. skipping a meal is the worst thing you can do.

Justin Cole said...

I once heard/read someone say "hunger is fat leaving the body." When I am behaving myself in my path toward losing some weight (not often enough) I just remind myself of that phrase when my stomach says I should eat; not when my body tells me I MUST eat, but when my stomach says I should. I try to keep myself too busy to eat from boredom. :-)

Dani said...

thanks for the notes guys! I have had a few people look at me funny when I say I am hungry. I think they are worried that I am starving myself or turning anorexic. My brownie sundae Saturday night says otherwise. :)

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