Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day of August

Today is the last day of August. For some people that might mean it's the end of the summer. However, in Massachusetts this week, summer wanted to remind us that it isn't quite over yet. It is supposed to be incredibly hot and humid this week.

If you think about it, the end of summer happens at different times for different people. For some people, it would be when they have to go back to school. For others, it's the end of August. For some, maybe it's Labor Day weekend.

For me, it's the first regular season game of the New England Patriots. :) Technically it isn't the end of summer, but it is the start of football season for Patriots fans, which means a new season has started. I have a really hard time choosing my favorite season since I really enjoy all four. It's probably why I will stay in New England my whole life. So one day someone said to me, your favorite season is football season. And they could be right. :)

I'm looking forward to Fall this year. But for today I will enjoy the last day of August. And study. Yep, I scheduled my exam. 3pm, Saturday, Sept. 25th. Now I have to do it. (sigh)


Chris said...

For me, the end of August means that summer is going away. The fall is by far my favorite season. The cool weather, crisp smelling air, beautiful colors, and of course, football!!! :)

Ronja said...

Fall is the best... football, apple picking, haunted houses, carving pumpkins...

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