Friday, August 27, 2010

Om nom nom nom

This is cute.

A few weeks ago when I was walking Oscar in the morning, we saw an opossum in our parking lot. Don't know what the poor fella was doing in the city! Oscar was VERY curious of course. I didn't let him get too close, the poor fella looked scared of Oscar. Oscar was probably the biggest skunk he has ever seen. :)

Check out this clip.


Anne said...

There are opossums in Boston, too. As are skunks and raccoons -- you wouldn't think so in the city, but they manage somehow.

Dani said...

That is funny! :) I lived on the south shore growing up (Pembroke) and I never saw raccoons or opossums until I moved to Worcester. Back in Pembroke I did see turkeys and foxes. Loads of squirrels. :)

Anne said...

The squirrels around here are evil. They sit up in the apple trees, eat the apples, then throw the cores at you. Not nice.

There was a wild turkey around for a while, but haven't seen it in an age.

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