Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dear Mr. Sunshine -

Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my request! I have already noticed an increase in the smiles and happiness around me, and it's still quite early. The final proof was a really cool thing this morning.

Short Story Time:
I stopped at a store this morning on my way into work. No one else was there except for the employees and two young teenage boys. The boys looked to be about 15-16 years old. I was impressed they were up that early in the summer time, but then again, maybe they have school today? Did school start already? Anyway, back to my story. So these teenagers are boys and the perfect age to be total punks. They were playing with a soda fountain and I was convinced that they were total immature dweebs. I was proven completely wrong when I went to leave the store. My hands were not full, I did not need assistance with the door, however one of the boys opened the door (both doors, there was a vestibule) for me. I was really surprised, but smiled and said "thank you." and I got a "you're welcome" with no visual smile. (he still is a teenage boy after all.) He then went back into the store with his friend. He wasn't even leaving. I thought perhaps he was leaving at the same time as me and just happened to hold the door because somewhere someone taught him it was polite.
Nope, he wasn't leaving. He was being chivalrous. A trait I thought long-gone from the next generation of children. People! Have hope! I saw a teenage boy from Worcester do a very polite thing. I wish I could track down his parents or guardians and shake their hand and thank them for doing such a good job raising that boy.

It brought a smile to my face for the day. That, plus sunshine and the fact that it's Thursday again, I am in another great mood. It probably doesn't hurt that I have another great weekend to look forward to and I have tomorrow off from work. And I'll be going to Vermont (yay lake and trees!). And it doesn't hurt that the weather forecast is supposed to be gorgeous! And a bunch of our friends are going with us.

Yup, today is starting off very good. Now I just need to get a walk in at lunch.
It sucked not being able to walk at lunch earlier this week.

Mr. Sunshine, thank you again for shining today.


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KJ said...

I'd like to see more of those boys. Refreshing!

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