Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Review

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I really just didn't feel like it. I'm not sure why. Sunday ended up being a long day, so I think I was just really tired.

I had a really good weekend, I hope everyone else did as well!

On Saturday, Anthony, my sister, and my sister's boyfriend and I all got in the car and drove down to the south shore to visit the ol' hometown. Our first stop was a bar called "Poopsie's" which has some great pizza. Ronja was really looking forward to having a beer there for the first time. While we were waiting for our food, we got a big surprise! Our former neighbors Bill and Jamie stopped by to see us.
Earlier in the week I had asked my mom to get me their current contact information so that I could tell them we would be in town, but she had forgotten about it. On Friday night, she talked with Bill and with Anthony and secretly arranged for them to find us at Poopsies and surprise us! Which was really nice. And it worked well too, we were VERY surprised! Anthony didn't give it away at all.
That man is very good with secrets!

We spent the rest of our time there visiting the old neighborhood, seeing the house and chatting with some neighbors. We went to the Herring Run and the Duxbury beach and then we went to FarFar's for ice cream. After the ice cream, for some reason we were all exhausted, so we decided to head back to Worcester. (Oscar probably needed to go out anyway.)

On Sunday my sister and I had AWESOME seats at Fenway for the Red Sox game. (and they won! yay!). Check out our seats:

There were two rain delays, so the game was supposed to start at 1:35pm. We didn't get home until almost 9pm that night. The first delay was for the start of the game, so it didn't start until around 3:30pm. Then after the third inning there was another rain delay and we had to wait for the game to get started again. We were there a really really really long time. So of course we had to eat lunch and dinner at Fenway. We definitely have some feedback on the food.

First thing you need to know: You are going to Fenway, I'm pretty sure it's a rule that you have to have a Fenway Frank (hot dog). So we started off with one of those. And they weren't too bad. I enjoyed the hot dog. I got a large Sprite for the two of us to split and Ronja also got a beer for herself. Once we were in our seats Ronja told me how she thinks they water down the beers on tap at the stands, but the guys who sell the beer in the stands pour them out of cans, so you get better beer for your buck. Still though, it was VERY expensive for a Miller Lite. Almost $8. Yeesh.

We also got some popcorn which was very good. Usually popcorn is way too salty, but this one was just right. After the second rain delay, the vendors in the stands (you know who I'm talking about right? The ones going up and down the stairs "hot dogs! peanuts! Cold beeah heeah!") had stopped coming around and Ronja really wanted a lemonade. We kept waiting, but they didn't come back.
Finally though, at this point it was almost 6pm and we were hungry again. So we decided to get some chicken fingers, at least it would be some protein. Well, the chicken fingers were okay, but it only came with two large chicken fingers and fries.

And the fries were GROSS! Don't bother with the french fries at Fenway. They are not good for you anyway. We didn't even finish them. I think Ronja considered it because she was hungry, but I took them away. If there is one thing I won't allow, it's gross food, even if I am pigging out on junk for a day.

So Ronja still had a craving for lemonade, so I decided to go find lemonade. I kept walking and walking. I saw some signs that said "Big Grandstand" or something like that and then I saw a sign that said "Lemonade, Fried Dough, Deli at the Big Grandstand". So I kept going all the way around Fenway until I found that Big Grandstand. And you know what I found when I got there? ALL THE GOOD FOOD!

Seriously, back where we were (the good seats too) all they had was the fried food and hot dogs. The big Grandstand had a deli with turkey sandwiches, salads, fresh squeezed lemonade, fried dough, lime rickeys (anyone know what that is? I wanted to try one, but I didn't know what it was) and pizza and all sorts of other good choices.

I got the lemonade for Ronja. I went up to the counter and I said "I found you guys! I have been looking all over for lemonade." They told me that they were the only location you could get it from except for the guys in the stands. And the guys in the stands are selling powdered drink mix. Ewww. I'm glad I went for that walk. I also got us a fried dough. (Hey, I had done all that walking!)

So Ronja and I agreed: Hot dogs = good. Popcorn = good. Lemonade (fresh squeezed) = good. Chicken fingers = okay. Sprite = Okay. Beer (on tap) = Bad. Beer from vendor in stands = good. Fried Dough = Good. French Fries = Worst thing you could eat at Fenway yuck!

For those of you following my weight loss journey, don't worry, I made up for all the junk food I ate. Ronja and I parked at the "Official Parking Garage of the Boston Red Sox" so we could get parking for $9. It was also 1.6 miles away from the park. We also went the wrong way on the first street and ended up on the other side of Boston before we knew we were in the wrong direction. :)
I would say we easily walked 5+ miles on Sunday. And when I weighed myself this morning, I weigh the same as I did last week. And the week before that. No change.

Yay junk food and walking all over Boston lost! whoo! :)

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