Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adventures in pregnancy.

This morning I got on the scale.  I gained TWO pounds.  WHOA!

I have two thoughts about this.

1.  FINALLY!  I have been pregnant for a while now and I wasn't gaining any weight though my pants were getting tight.  I was worried that I wasn't gaining any weight and that I would stunt my child's growth.  This is a problem for it's general health and well, my husband and I are short, so no stunting of growth!

2. AAAAHH!!  I gained weight!

I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I couldn't admit that it still bothered me a little.  I worked so hard to lose all that weight and now I have to let it go and let it come back.  Hopefully most of of that weight will be in the form of a baby and everything else that is going on down there.  I just need to remind myself that for the next six months, the extra weight is NORMAL and HEALTHY.  Normal and healthy.  I will keep repeating that to myself for the next six months.

As soon as this baby is born though, it's back to the weight battle again!  Game on!  Bring it!
At least now I have the confidence to know that I WILL lose it.  It will take hard work, dedication, and sweat, but it can be done.  And it will be done.

In the meantime I keep looking at myself sideways in the mirror.  It's getting harder and harder to suck in my gut.  I have some pudgy-ness around my middle.  I never really got a flat stomach after losing a bunch of weight, so my middle is where I tend to hold all the fat.  So it looks fat, not pregnant.  I might have to get one of those t-shirts that says "Pregnant (not fat)".  

For anyone else out there who has ever had a baby...did you ever notice that when you tell people they all look at your stomach?  This drives me nuts!  But I know people can't help it, I have done the same thing myself.  I am just very self-conscious of my stomach area since it is where I am overweight.   My sister stares at my belly during our kickboxing class, which cracks us both up and then we can't stop laughing. :)

We have a lot of fun at kickboxing.

So I just need to get over it, people are going to stare at my flabby belly.  What I need to figure out now, is how to hold off people from touching my belly.  Hasn't happened yet (there's nothing to feel anyway, except my fat!) but I am sure it will.   If you read this, and you are tempted to touch my belly in a few months, please ask first.   Or I'll tell you what, don't ask.  If the baby is doing something exciting like kicking, I'll let you know and offer to let you feel it.   Until then....hands off....and eyes looking at my face please. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

stupid famous people

This is a whine post.  I just feel like whining.

And it really is whining, because I could do something about it, but instead, I will whine.

I saw in my news alerts today that Snooki from the Jersey Shore is publishing a novel.  WHAT?!  Seriously?!  Nicole Ritchie has also just released her second novel.  At least her second novel doesn't look to be a semi-autobiographical account of her own life.  It looks like she might have used some imagination.

So what am I whining about?  That famous idiots can get their books published.   I don't know why I am complaining.  I really have no right to.  I haven't tried publishing a novel.  In fact, I haven't even finished writing the three or so novels I have started.   (Anyone have advice for writer's block?)   I just find it ridiculous how sad and pathetic the general public must be for some of these people to be successful in areas where others have to work very hard, day and night to accomplish even one small step.

Okay, that's enough about that.  I'm probably also whining because I have a headache.  Apparently it's another "pregnancy symptom."  To be honest, I think just about anything you experience during your pregnancy will show up in the What to Expect book and it will be listed as a symptom. 

For those following along on my pregnancy journey:
I am about 3.5 months along.   I am not "showing" yet, but my belly is getting wider.  It just looks like I gained a few pounds.  (I have only gained one, go figure).  I can't feel it yet and I have no idea what it is.
Not too exciting eh?  According to the books it's about 4 inches long.  I think that's about it.

I am hungry all the time too.  Morning, noon, evening, nighttime.  Sometimes I will even wake up in the middle of the night hungry.  (when that happens....all I can think about is the scene from "Lady and the Tramp" where Darling sends out Jim Dear in the middle of the night to get some watermelon and some chopped suey!)

I haven't sent Anthony on any errands yet.  :)   Some American Chop Suey sounds good though.  Mmmmm.

Time to eat!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In defense of my failure.

Unlucky for you, my faithful readers, I didn't find anything interesting to write about today.

So instead you get a "Defense of Why I Failed My Exam."

The Server+ exam is currently being offered in two different versions.  There is a 2005 Objectives and a 2009 Objectives.  When I signed up for the exam, I discussed which exam to take with my manager.  We agreed that it was better to have the latest and greatest certification.   Unfortunately, there weren't any study materials available.  I was able to find ONE book after a lot of digging, but I couldn't find any reviews on it and it cost almost $70.  So the only study materials I had were for the 2005 Objectives.  I didn't think this would be a big deal though, I mean, how different could the exams be?   You basically need to know the server hardware, recovery, backups, and troubleshooting theories.

Turns out that was my mistake, I should have realized that technology changes a lot from day to day, and that there was a lot of change between 2005 and 2009.   Some of the questions I faced on the exam, I had NO idea what they were talking about.   Now that could be a part of the "10 questions" they ask just to see how you will answer them, or it could have been information I am supposed to know.

So I would say my first mistake was to assume I would be able to pass the 2009 exam while using the 2005 study materials.

My second mistake was this, and this one makes me feel stupid.  On the Comptia website, you can print out the objectives for each exam.  This is a summary of the information you will be tested on.   I printed out the 2009 objectives.  I should have printed out BOTH the 2005 and the 2009 and done a line by line comparison so that I would know exactly what study material I was missing.  I should have done this.

Lucky for me, I have a very understanding manager and he has agreed to let me take the older version (2005) to try and pass this certification.   He is probably willing to do that because we have lots of old equipment here at work anyway.  It isn't like I would be actually working with the new stuff anyway.

Seriously, we have Windows 98 on the majority of the pc's in one of our offices.   Good thing my mom put me on a PC as soon as I was old enough to play with one without breaking one!  I was familiar with 98 and was able to work with these PC's with no problem.  

Does anyone remember Windows 3.11?  I actually had to use that in college!  My partners on my IQP project stared at the PC given to us and didn't know what to do.  I took over.  :)

***IQP is a project done usually in your junior year at WPI, some students choose to do the project overseas, we went to Thailand.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss me?

ok, so it has only been a few days since my last post.  But a few readers did comment to me (in person) that they got used to my posting every day.  In fact,  I even got a complaint when I skipped a day! :)

Some days I am just not feeling as creative or as chatty.  Or I'm actually really busy.  That happens on occasion.

On Saturday I took the certification exam...and I didn't pass.  I probably missed passing by a few questions.  I have all sorts of reasons to defend myself about it, but I won't list them here.  Unless I can't decide what to write about tomorrow.....and then I will defend why I failed my first attempt at the Server+ exam!  :)  (I bet you can't wait for that!)

In better news...Oscar is feeling much better.  I wouldn't say he is 100% back to normal, but he is at least 95% there.  He is acting like himself and playing with his toys and eating his normal food.  I won't get into details about what exactly isn't "normal" because I think I have given you all a very detailed description already.  At this point you can probably use your imagination.

Have I mentioned that we are moving?  We are going to be renting a house while my sister rents our condo.  It doesn't sound like it makes sense, but the rent on the house is low enough that we could potentially save money every month while renting to my sister.   This next month will be very busy for me.  I will be taking the exam again, I have doctor's appointments, dentist appointment, girl's weekend trip planned to NH and I have to pack and clean and move and clean and unpack.

We did find out something really cool this weekend though.  Our friends are moving as well...they happen to be renting a house just 3-4 doors down from us.  How cool is that?  We already have neighbors that we like!
They are moving at the same time as us, so we will be helping each other out.  And helping my sister move as well.  We could really use volunteers!  Especially the last weekend.

So I guess my "announcement" last week wasn't a surprise to anyone, must be that all my readers know me already! :)  (Go ahead, comment anonymously if you want!)   I am excited and nervous and looking forward to the spring.  This will be one interesting journey and I am sure it will provide me with loads of stories to share with you on the blog.

I did want to mention one thing.  A friend asked me this weekend, "Were you surprised how quickly you got pregnant? Didn't the doctor say because of the PCOS that you would have trouble?"  Well, she is right, I should have had a lot more trouble than I did.  I am convinced that my diet and weight loss helped me conceive.  One thing my doctor did tell me was the weight range for my height that would be ideal for conceiving.  This was a 50 pound weight range, she wasn't asking me to get skinny, just asking me to get out of the category I was in.  She asked me to lose 25 pounds to have a baby.   Looking back at the calendar, I got pregnant when I had lost 27 pounds.   PCOS is tough.  PCOS sucks.  But it CAN be managed.  It's a tough journey, but if you have PCOS, you can do it too!

That's it for today...more tomorrow. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to go public.

Family knows.  Friends know.  Some strangers know.  And now my co-workers know.

I am pretty sure everyone who reads my blog knows already as well.  But just in case, it's time for me to "go public."   So guess what?  I'm pregnant!  :)

And it has been incredibly difficult for me to NOT write about the experience.  Especially during the morning sickness (ugh, I have some right now) and all of the other symptoms I have been experiencing.  I knew in August, but had to wait to write about it. 

So, short post today.  I'll let everyone absorb that.  I need to get back to studying.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oscar Butt.

As promised I have pictures for you today!  Pictures of my dog's butt!  You must be so excited right?
I promise to have a much better post tomorrow.  With pictures even.

Oscar's Behind from about 2 years ago.  As you can see, he is very hairy.

This is Oscar's Gluteus Maximus from this morning.

I had to trim his tail as well as most of the fur on the back of his legs.  Here is another shot.

And just for comparison, Oscar's Bottom End at 9 weeks old.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my dog's rear end.   :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I have a cold.

I'm sorry there was no post yesterday.  I have come down with a cold and I have been sick since last Friday evening.  No fun.  On top of that, Oscar is still sick too.  :(  Poor pup.  He has some new medication and is still on a bland diet, so I am hoping that really helps him out.

I probably won't have too many posts this week.  I have a busy work week ahead of me (I was out yesterday) and I need to study for my Server+ exam that is happening Saturday afternoon.  I'll try and post if I have some free time.

I will leave you with this:  (Mildly gross post....not as bad as last week)

Oscar burps.  Anyone who has met my dog has probably heard him burp.  It's pretty funny actually.  You hear this tiny little belch, you look around the room and then you realize it was my dog. :)  (Although...he hasn't burped in the past week...)

So because Oscar burps (I am guessing anyway) he doesn't fart. Ever. (no joke) One end or the other right?  So we are guessing that with his current issues, he has a lot of gas.  Either that or his butt is on fire, mine would be after that much "issue" back there.

So for the past few days, Oscar will be sleeping, and then with no warning he will jump up in the air, at least a foot.  It's like something bit him on the butt.  It's hilarious.  He will be sleeping soundly and then launch himself a few feet and then look at his butt.  We are assuming that he has farted and literally scared the crap out of himself. :)

I think in a previous post I wrote about how I was threatening to shave his butt. Yes, his poopy problems were that gross.  Oscar has incredibly long soft fur.  When I got home from work on Friday I took him out and it was so bad that I wouldn't let him sit down.  I made him go straight from the outside right into the tub. This is was one of those occasions where I wish we lived in a house with a hose outside. Then I gave him the bath of his life.  I didn't even change out of my work clothes.  This was an emergency situation.  After the bath of his life...the tub got the scrubbing of it's life.  GROSS.

Funny...I think both Oscar and the tub are about the same age...

I decided I didn't want to deal with the poop in his fur anymore and I thought shaving him was a good idea. But Anthony wouldn't let me shave him.   Instead I got out the scissors and I gave him a "trim".  My dog now has a fuzzy butt.  And I think I could have a second career as a dog groomer.  Seriously!  It looks professional!   If I can, I'll get a picture for tomorrow's post.  I bet you can't wait to see a picture of my dog's butt. :

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I drive like a maniac.

According to my husband, I drive like a maniac.

I disagree, but I won't get into that for now. I told him that I considered myself to be an assertive (okay, okay, maybe a little aggressive) driver. I am a very safe driver. I haven't had an accident that was my fault since I was 17 years old.

We got into this discussion while going to the store the other day to get Oscar some food and pepto bismol. My car was more convenient to take and I wanted to drive anyway. I had been complaining to Anthony that my car was making a strange new noise. He had already driven my car a few times and told me it was nothing to worry about. Our conversation on the way to the store went something like this:

(I apologize now if it isn't exactly verbatim, this was a few days ago.)

Me: Can you hear that noise? It's getting louder.
Anthony: Your car is old, it's an old car noise.
Me: If we called those "Car Guys" on the radio, what would they say?
Anthony: They would come up with something, but trust me, your car is fine, it's just old.
Me: How come it's worse and louder in the morning?
Anthony: Because it's cold, you need to let it warm up.
Me: How come it only happens when I press on the accelerator?
Anthony: Because gas is going through the engine and lots of things are happening. Did you notice that when you don't accelerate too hard the noise is quieter?
Me: What are you saying?
Anthony: You drive like a maniac.
Me: I do not!

We go into Shaws, grab what we need for Oscar and head back to the car.

Me: Do I really drive like a maniac?
Anthony: Just a little.
Me (again): Should I drive more like you?
Anthony: Maybe.

At this point I started to drive in an exaggerated version of how Anthony drives. I like to tease him that he drives like an old man. He is never in a hurry (and he's frequently late for things...his whole family is...) and he takes his time wherever he goes. He also likes to take the long way to get somewhere. Sometimes he explains this by saying he doesn't like to make left hand turns.

I think he just likes driving so much that he wants to spend as much time as he can doing it. Going the long way and driving slowly to get there drives ME crazy.

So I slow down. Waaaaayyyyy doooowwwwwn. I turn very slowly onto our road. I have leaned back into my seat a bit. I'm acting like I have all the time in the world to get to my destination. I'm smiling because I think I am funny.

I sneak a quick glance at him.  He is also smiling.

And then he leans over to me and says "Did you notice that noise is gone?".

I hate it when he's right, and he frequently is.  I posted another time about him being right about something.
It was a story about fish.  And a cat.  You can find it here:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oscar update.

Yesterday at lunch, Anthony went home and discovered more puke on the floor. My poor baby was still sick. We had put his food down for him and we think eating his food made him sick. (according to the doc, his system wasn't ready for normal food yet)

So I called and made an appointment and brought him to see the doctor.

Anthony fed him some white rice for lunch and when I got home my floors were clean!
white rice = good for achy belly

We went to the vet's office and the doctor and the technicians did some poking and prodding. Oscar was very well behaved through the whole process. He basically just stood on the table with his ears down and a sad look on his face that clearly said "I'm just tolerating this because you are making me do it."

His doctor even commented on how well behaved he was, but that she hadn't gotten to the worst part yet. Let's just put it this way, Oscar's eyes got all big and wide (but he still didn't try to move or bite or growl) and he probably won't want anyone near his butt for a really long time.

The basic diagnosis is this, somehow something got in his system that didn't agree with his insides. I got to learn all the how's and why's his body reacted the way it did but I won't go into great detail for you. I'm sure the post from a few days ago was gross enough. We did a test to see what kinds of bacteria he had on his insides and well, there weren't any. Neither bad or the good kind. So Oscar has some Pro-biotics for canines that he will be taking for the next 10 days to make sure he has the good bacteria that is needed for his guts.

Humans need this too, this is why you should eat your yogurt (and certain kinds of pickles, sauerkraut and other foods.)

We will be feeding him boiled hamburger and white rice for the next three days and then slowly mixing that with his normal food to reintroduce him to his old diet. We tossed out the new treats we had gotten for him last week, just in case they were causing the problem. I think I am going to try baking some dog treats for him myself. It might be cheaper than buying them at the store anyway. We shall see. I need cookie cutters. And at least that way, I will know exactly what is in his treats. We also give him carrots and peppers as snacks. He loves his veggies.

As of last night he was playing with his toys again and seemed to be acting more like himself. I think he is feeling a lot better. This morning he INHALED his white rice and hamburger and then gave me a look that said "where's the rest?". I didn't want to give him too much at once, so we will give him more tonight.

Thank you to all the well-wishes for Oscar and for the advice I received from friends. I sincerely appreciated it. Now back to somewhat normal life.

And studying for that Server+ exam. yuck.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things I learned yesterday.

I learned a few things when I got home from work yesterday.

1. Oscar still wasn't feeling well. I found puke in a few spots in the living room and when I took him for a walk he still had the runs.

2. My vet's office closes at 5pm on most days.

3. Cleaning poo out of someone's (or some dog's) bum is not pleasant. And the dog doesn't like it either.

4. My friend Marybeth sounds exactly the same on the phone as she did when we probably last spoke on the phone like 7 years ago. :)

5. It's okay to give a dog children's pepto bismol (did I spell that right?) if they have an upset stomach and they are throwing up. (Or Immodium for the other problem.)

6. Children's Pepto Bismol comes in bubble-gum flavored chewable tablets.

7. Oscar doesn't like bubble-gum flavored tablets. (someone should make beef flavored for dogs, he loves his heartworm pills!)

8. He doesn't like peanut butter covered bubble-gum flavored chewable tablets either. (My sister said "duh, if you were sick, would you want peanut butter?)

9. Shoving a pill down a dog's throat is a lot harder than you would think if you are not a practiced vet or vet tech. Oscar was particularly good at pretending it went down and then slyly spitting it out when he thought I was done "torturing" him.

10. It takes me about 10 minutes to shove the pill down his throat.

11. Pink puke does not smell like bubble-gum. (but it should!)

12. My husband is awesome for not only making me dinner last night, but for also cooking Oscar an "upset tummy" dinner for dogs. Boiled rice and meat.

13. Oscar likes boiled rice and meat, he ate about half of what we made him. He hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours, so we are happy he ate.

14. Apparently the combo of pepto and boiled rice and meat worked. No more puke for the rest of the night and when I returned from kickboxing, he greeted me at the door wagging his tail and looking much happier.

15. He was still a little poopy.

16. He doesn't know it yet, but he's getting the bath of his life tonight.

After all that, my dog STILL doesn't stink. I think he is only half dog. He's half something else. He never stinks, he doesn't make noises like a dog. He is just so odd. But so great too. :) I love my doggy. I hope that when Anthony checks on him today at lunch, that we have a fully recovered pooch.

Thank you to Marybeth and her husband John for their advice! I should see if there are any places that offer dog first aid courses. They have them for people, why not pets? I remember taking a babysitting course in 5th grade to teach you about kids and basic first aid. Why not one for pets? I should look into this.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This post might gross you out.

Seriously, it might. So if you are eating, close this page and come back later.
I gave you as much warning as I could.

Ok, here goes. Want to know what Dani Do It got to do yesterday? Let's start with this: I firmly believe that pets are a great "practice" method for possibly having kids someday. Your pet depends upon you for their survival, health and happiness. You need to love them, take care of them and raise them. They will also test you on occasion. I think dogs are probably the best "practice" for kids because they are tougher than most other common pets like cats, fish, hamsters, etc. (Disagree? got a more difficult animal to care for? I don't know since I have only really had dogs, feel free to comment!) Last night, Oscar gave Anthony and I a run-through test of gross-ness. I'm not sure we are ready, but at least we worked well as a team. Here goes:

Yesterday, I come home from work, open my door and smell....poo. Stinky, smelly poo.

Ok, so Oscar had an accident. It does happen on occasion. He sometimes gets sick and he just can't hold it. Speaking of Oscar, he is standing right by the door.
Shaking, ears down, tail down and his whole body is just quivering. He looks really unhappy. I walk in very carefully trying to find where the mess is so I won't step in it. I find it in the hallway. Ok, first things first, let's get Oscar outside.

I take him out and he is still really unhappy. He does his business #1 and tries for #2, but nothing happens...which is very odd. He never does that "pose" without pooping. We go back inside and I make him wait by the door. He still looks miserable and gladly stays by the door. I get the papertowels and cleaning solution and start to clean up the's everywhere. The smell is overwhelming. It is obvious to me that this wasn't simply an accident, my puppy is ill. While I am on my hands and knees, I look down the hall to the kitchen...and the living room...where there is more...a LOT more.

At this point I physically lost it. I was queasy to begin with and well, now I had another mess to clean up. I spent about 30 minutes cleaning up everything. (My floors are nice and shiny and clean now! They got a hands and knees scrubbing!)

I have opened the windows and lit a yankee candle. The smell has gotten better, but I swear I can still smell poo. I take the garbage bag with all of the gross stuff and I go back down the hallway towards our spare room where Anthony and I are now sleeping while he works on our master bathroom. The smell is worse down here. (which is why it was so strong when I came home, our entry to the condo is closer to this bedroom.)

I walk in the bedroom and discover the biggest mess of all. Right next to our bed. On the carpet. OH MY GOD GROSS!!!

Anthony came home from work to find me trying to clean up this mess. Lucky for us, we have a carpet shampooer. Unlucky, we let a friend borrow it. Lucky, they were home and Anthony was able to go over there and pick it up. I cleaned up the mess on the carpet to the best of my ability while Anthony picked up the carpet cleaner.

While he was gone, Oscar puked twice. it's coming out of both ends.

Anthony came home with the cleaner and finished our bedroom. I had to put our duvet cover in the washer machine. Yup, he didn't get it on our bed or mattress (thank you!!) but it did get a little on the corner of the duvet cover. Anthony's theory is that Oscar was sleeping on our bed, woke up with an emergency situation and jumped off the bed in time. Thank you Oscar. :)

(btw...we don't let Oscar sleep on our bed, he sneaks on it while we aren't home. We are aware of this and he wouldn't dare jump up there while we are home.)

For the rest of the night we took Oscar out as frequently as we could. He had a few more accidents (stuff coming out of both ends, all liquid) but by the end of the night I got him to at least aim for the paper towel I put on the floor when puking. What a smart doggie!

We are hoping that he is feeling better today. If not, we will need to take him to the vet. We are guessing he ate something bad, but we are not sure what. We have a few things in the house that dogs can't eat, but we are both very careful to make sure he doesn't get any. I'm worried that we may have dropped something on the floor and not realized it. He wouldn't eat it if we were there, but would go into the kitchen looking for food after we left, definitely.

Things dogs should not eat:
macadamia nuts

I know those ones off the top of my head. If you have any more leave a note in the comments.

So sorry if I grossed anyone out. But I did warn you. That was my night last night. I didn't get to go to boxing, I obviously didn't eat dinner and it wasn't a very fun evening for anyone.

Although later in the night Anthony made some jalapeno rice balls that were incredibly yummy! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Go Patriots!

We had a great opening game! I was so happy with how the team played.
Anthony got a TON done on some renovations for our master bathroom this weekend, he has been working really hard. So because we are doing renovations on our bathroom we have moved out of that bedroom. Which means our stuff is officially everywhere else. :)

So I spent most of yesterday cleaning. Fun fun.

Short post today, so I leave you with this.

100 Cats at IKEA

Saturday, September 11, 2010

whoa...blogging on the weekend.

My friend Martha decided to start a blog. So that is the entire purpose of this post. I have two new blogs added to my reading list. Any more out there? Let me know.

In the meantime, check out:
The Fabulous Life of Martha Grace


Future Abandoned Blog

Happy Reading! Go PATRIOTS!

Friday, September 10, 2010


So I made a really big deal on Wednesday about having nothing to write and I would make up for it yesterday...and then I didn't. Sorry about that.

What I *was* going to write about (before the day and time got away from me) was about how on Wednesday I had left my cell phone at home and I felt naked and lost all day without it. I have a Blackberry and I don't even use it as much as most Blackberry users would use their phones, but I still felt lost.
I had my laptop, so I could check my email. And I didn't really mind if I missed a phone call. But my biggest concern was the fact that I DON'T KNOW ANYONE'S PHONE NUMBERS. Seriously. My husband and I have been together almost 5 years and I have no idea what his cellular phone number is. I really should work on memorizing that!

So today's post is really more of a rant. (cell phone stuff was supposed to be yesterday, now on to today.)

I want to complain a little bit about how obsessed with stupidity America is. I don't want to mention specific things because it will further perpetuate the interest in those topics, but really, if we would just IGNORE THE IDIOTS and not give them any media attention, TV time, or let them speak publicly then they would have to go away, because they would realize no one cares. But instead, some idiot gets loads of attention for something that should really be ignored. Let him be an idiot, let us NOT watch.
The same goes for some of those folks on MTV. It's sickening that we have starving children in this country and some drunk idiots on MTV get paid big bucks to be, well, idiots. All because we like to watch it.

There must be some switch in our brains that makes us eat this stuff up. Go ahead America, pork up. Like we aren't obese enough already with stupidity.

Ok, end rant. I didn't want to give people attention anyway.

In positive news, this weekend's weather looks gorgeous, I'm going to the movies on Saturday with my friend Martha who I haven't seen in a while and my parents may come visit. Should be a gorgeous almost-Autumn weekend.

Oh, and did I mention THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS begin their season on Sunday?

Go PATS! They are playing the Bengals. Which brings to mind two more idiots. And they even have their own TV shows on VH1. (why don't these tv stations play music videos????) I hope we CREAM them this weekend. Not only because I want the Patriots to win, but also because I would like to prove to these two idiots that they mean nothing to the sport anymore and they should just retire quietly somewhere and GO AWAY. Along with the other idiots I mentioned before.

Ok, really, I'm not in a bad mood. I'm irritated that some people have to struggle to get by in this world and some idiot can get media attention and others make millions because they are dumb and we are willing to gobble it up.

Really though, it's Friday. The weekend will be good. Can you tell I only got five hours of sleep? haha. Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nothing to write about today

I can't think of anything to write about today. But I feel obligated to post *something* to entertain my readers with. I have about 12 readers I think and apparently none of them have blogs. :(

If you missed it, I was asking for other bloggers that read my blog to tell me about theirs so I could link it to mine. But no one responded. Oh well...

It's raining outside, we had some cool thunder and lightning earlier. That is about as exciting as it might get today. :) Ok, since I can't think of anything interesting to write...maybe YOU should write something interesting.

Please leave a comment with something interesting. Thank you in advance. I will try to make tomorrow's post more exciting.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day weekend

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was very nice!

I actually felt like I had a long weekend for a change. Driving into work this morning it seemed like FOREVER since I had been at work. It was nice, because I feel refreshed and recharged!'s a short work week. :)

We went back to Vermont again this weekend and we came home late Sunday night. Yesterday Anthony and I started our renovation project in our bathroom. I emptied out our master bedroom (except the closet, still need to do that) and he ripped up all the bathroom tiles. We are both looking forward to the end results of that project.

I was bad this weekend though...I didn't get any studying done for Server+. So I guess I will be working on that this week...and next weekend. :)

Friday, September 03, 2010


My co-worker said the Albert Einstein had so many things going on in his brain that he couldn't fit any more in, so he decided to write stuff down so he wouldn't have to remember it all.

I decided THAT must be my problem. I have to write everything down because I'm so SMART and I have a billion things going through my brain.

At least, that is what I am going to keep telling myself.

I wish we could have a cheat sheet for my certification exams. (sigh)

Back to studying.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Other Blogs

I was many of my readers also have blogs of their own?

If you read my blog and you have your own blog, please let me a comment with the link to your blog. I would love to list it here as a blog that I read.

I will actually read it too. Some of my usual blogs have really slowed down with their posts. I need more! :) So just a short note today. I would love to read your blog if you have one.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Two things today.

I have two topics I want to discuss today.
The first is an advertisement I saw today. All it was was a picture of a swedish fish. It looked awesome. I don't even know if I would still like swedish fish since I started my "natural" diet. I probably wouldn't like it. So I clicked on the link.
All it brought me to was another web page with a picture of a swedish fish.
So just for you, I give you the Swedish Fish.

Second Topic:
I read a great article today about expiration and sell by dates on food. It's a good article and I wanted to share it with you. I'm paranoid about food safety. If a food is even slightly bad, I will end up with a stomach ache. So for all those people out there that are confused about the dates on food, read the following article.

Basically all you need to know is this:
If it looks bad, smells bad or tastes bad, it's bad! Don't eat it. :)