Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adventures in pregnancy.

This morning I got on the scale.  I gained TWO pounds.  WHOA!

I have two thoughts about this.

1.  FINALLY!  I have been pregnant for a while now and I wasn't gaining any weight though my pants were getting tight.  I was worried that I wasn't gaining any weight and that I would stunt my child's growth.  This is a problem for it's general health and well, my husband and I are short, so no stunting of growth!

2. AAAAHH!!  I gained weight!

I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I couldn't admit that it still bothered me a little.  I worked so hard to lose all that weight and now I have to let it go and let it come back.  Hopefully most of of that weight will be in the form of a baby and everything else that is going on down there.  I just need to remind myself that for the next six months, the extra weight is NORMAL and HEALTHY.  Normal and healthy.  I will keep repeating that to myself for the next six months.

As soon as this baby is born though, it's back to the weight battle again!  Game on!  Bring it!
At least now I have the confidence to know that I WILL lose it.  It will take hard work, dedication, and sweat, but it can be done.  And it will be done.

In the meantime I keep looking at myself sideways in the mirror.  It's getting harder and harder to suck in my gut.  I have some pudgy-ness around my middle.  I never really got a flat stomach after losing a bunch of weight, so my middle is where I tend to hold all the fat.  So it looks fat, not pregnant.  I might have to get one of those t-shirts that says "Pregnant (not fat)".  

For anyone else out there who has ever had a baby...did you ever notice that when you tell people they all look at your stomach?  This drives me nuts!  But I know people can't help it, I have done the same thing myself.  I am just very self-conscious of my stomach area since it is where I am overweight.   My sister stares at my belly during our kickboxing class, which cracks us both up and then we can't stop laughing. :)

We have a lot of fun at kickboxing.

So I just need to get over it, people are going to stare at my flabby belly.  What I need to figure out now, is how to hold off people from touching my belly.  Hasn't happened yet (there's nothing to feel anyway, except my fat!) but I am sure it will.   If you read this, and you are tempted to touch my belly in a few months, please ask first.   Or I'll tell you what, don't ask.  If the baby is doing something exciting like kicking, I'll let you know and offer to let you feel it.   Until then....hands off....and eyes looking at my face please. :)

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Chris said...

It's so true Dani. That's where everyone's eyes, and hands, will go. That happened to Kate quite a bit. Everyone wants to touch! It's even funnier when your baby does it's business and everyone gathers around to look! :)

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