Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss me?

ok, so it has only been a few days since my last post.  But a few readers did comment to me (in person) that they got used to my posting every day.  In fact,  I even got a complaint when I skipped a day! :)

Some days I am just not feeling as creative or as chatty.  Or I'm actually really busy.  That happens on occasion.

On Saturday I took the certification exam...and I didn't pass.  I probably missed passing by a few questions.  I have all sorts of reasons to defend myself about it, but I won't list them here.  Unless I can't decide what to write about tomorrow.....and then I will defend why I failed my first attempt at the Server+ exam!  :)  (I bet you can't wait for that!)

In better news...Oscar is feeling much better.  I wouldn't say he is 100% back to normal, but he is at least 95% there.  He is acting like himself and playing with his toys and eating his normal food.  I won't get into details about what exactly isn't "normal" because I think I have given you all a very detailed description already.  At this point you can probably use your imagination.

Have I mentioned that we are moving?  We are going to be renting a house while my sister rents our condo.  It doesn't sound like it makes sense, but the rent on the house is low enough that we could potentially save money every month while renting to my sister.   This next month will be very busy for me.  I will be taking the exam again, I have doctor's appointments, dentist appointment, girl's weekend trip planned to NH and I have to pack and clean and move and clean and unpack.

We did find out something really cool this weekend though.  Our friends are moving as well...they happen to be renting a house just 3-4 doors down from us.  How cool is that?  We already have neighbors that we like!
They are moving at the same time as us, so we will be helping each other out.  And helping my sister move as well.  We could really use volunteers!  Especially the last weekend.

So I guess my "announcement" last week wasn't a surprise to anyone, must be that all my readers know me already! :)  (Go ahead, comment anonymously if you want!)   I am excited and nervous and looking forward to the spring.  This will be one interesting journey and I am sure it will provide me with loads of stories to share with you on the blog.

I did want to mention one thing.  A friend asked me this weekend, "Were you surprised how quickly you got pregnant? Didn't the doctor say because of the PCOS that you would have trouble?"  Well, she is right, I should have had a lot more trouble than I did.  I am convinced that my diet and weight loss helped me conceive.  One thing my doctor did tell me was the weight range for my height that would be ideal for conceiving.  This was a 50 pound weight range, she wasn't asking me to get skinny, just asking me to get out of the category I was in.  She asked me to lose 25 pounds to have a baby.   Looking back at the calendar, I got pregnant when I had lost 27 pounds.   PCOS is tough.  PCOS sucks.  But it CAN be managed.  It's a tough journey, but if you have PCOS, you can do it too!

That's it for today...more tomorrow. :)

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