Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nothing to write about today

I can't think of anything to write about today. But I feel obligated to post *something* to entertain my readers with. I have about 12 readers I think and apparently none of them have blogs. :(

If you missed it, I was asking for other bloggers that read my blog to tell me about theirs so I could link it to mine. But no one responded. Oh well...

It's raining outside, we had some cool thunder and lightning earlier. That is about as exciting as it might get today. :) Ok, since I can't think of anything interesting to write...maybe YOU should write something interesting.

Please leave a comment with something interesting. Thank you in advance. I will try to make tomorrow's post more exciting.


Marybeth @ AlarmClockWars said...

Okay, so I have a blog. But you know that already. And I haven't had much interesting posted lately, either. Except for RIGHT NOW - great local eats in Indiana! Which doesn't help you... Unless you come visit! :)

Jo said...

I was going to post this as a Comment to your Post regarding your Lack of Motivation for setting up your Third Exam, but decided I would post here, so that my comment would get the most exposure.
You basically said in your post that you felt your failure on one of the exams might be the reason that you have not been motivated to study and schedule your next exam.

I beg to differ my dear.... wasn't it the First exam that you had to take twice? And wasn't that an exam that basically asked all sorts of definitions that you don't actually use on a day to day basis? And didn't you have no idea what the tests were going to be like? And didn't you pass it the second time? And didn't you have no problem passing the second test, now that you knew how to prepare for these types of tests?

I would say that 'failing' the first test had/has nothing to do with your lack of motivation for setting up and studying for the third exam.

My guess it that, LIFE has simply gotten in the way. You have had a very busy summer. Friends visiting from out of town. Lots and Lots of ensuring that YOU were number 1 in your priority of things to concentrate on [and what a GREAT job you did there! ] AND you were an awesome daughter and came to visit Mom and Dad more than you ever have before in a summer.

So..... now summer is ending, you have done a fantastice job of taking care of Dani, we are returning to Florida soon..... time to hit the books.

Love Mom

Dani said...

M^2 - I'm hoping we get to visit someday soon. Anthony and I would love to see your farm.

Mom - Thank you for the comment, I am having a dreary day and it made me smile! :)

Ronja said...

I don't have a blog, but I use facebook kind of in the same way :-) haha

My day has been busy, but I'll have you know I read again last night... for enjoyment. You must be rubbing off on me.

I need to start studying soon too. My last masters class starts in October, but you won't need to be studying then... so looks like we won't be study partners. I still need to register for a class though. Looks like I will be doing that tonight. I promise to register if you promise to study. :-)

Dani said...

Ronja - I promise to study! Even when I am done with this exam, I have many more courses that I can take, I will still need to study. So maybe the two of us can schedule study time where we both buckle down and get work done. :)

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