Friday, September 10, 2010


So I made a really big deal on Wednesday about having nothing to write and I would make up for it yesterday...and then I didn't. Sorry about that.

What I *was* going to write about (before the day and time got away from me) was about how on Wednesday I had left my cell phone at home and I felt naked and lost all day without it. I have a Blackberry and I don't even use it as much as most Blackberry users would use their phones, but I still felt lost.
I had my laptop, so I could check my email. And I didn't really mind if I missed a phone call. But my biggest concern was the fact that I DON'T KNOW ANYONE'S PHONE NUMBERS. Seriously. My husband and I have been together almost 5 years and I have no idea what his cellular phone number is. I really should work on memorizing that!

So today's post is really more of a rant. (cell phone stuff was supposed to be yesterday, now on to today.)

I want to complain a little bit about how obsessed with stupidity America is. I don't want to mention specific things because it will further perpetuate the interest in those topics, but really, if we would just IGNORE THE IDIOTS and not give them any media attention, TV time, or let them speak publicly then they would have to go away, because they would realize no one cares. But instead, some idiot gets loads of attention for something that should really be ignored. Let him be an idiot, let us NOT watch.
The same goes for some of those folks on MTV. It's sickening that we have starving children in this country and some drunk idiots on MTV get paid big bucks to be, well, idiots. All because we like to watch it.

There must be some switch in our brains that makes us eat this stuff up. Go ahead America, pork up. Like we aren't obese enough already with stupidity.

Ok, end rant. I didn't want to give people attention anyway.

In positive news, this weekend's weather looks gorgeous, I'm going to the movies on Saturday with my friend Martha who I haven't seen in a while and my parents may come visit. Should be a gorgeous almost-Autumn weekend.

Oh, and did I mention THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS begin their season on Sunday?

Go PATS! They are playing the Bengals. Which brings to mind two more idiots. And they even have their own TV shows on VH1. (why don't these tv stations play music videos????) I hope we CREAM them this weekend. Not only because I want the Patriots to win, but also because I would like to prove to these two idiots that they mean nothing to the sport anymore and they should just retire quietly somewhere and GO AWAY. Along with the other idiots I mentioned before.

Ok, really, I'm not in a bad mood. I'm irritated that some people have to struggle to get by in this world and some idiot can get media attention and others make millions because they are dumb and we are willing to gobble it up.

Really though, it's Friday. The weekend will be good. Can you tell I only got five hours of sleep? haha. Happy Friday everyone!


TC said...

You tell them Dani! No more attention seeking idiots on TV! So that means no watching things like Scream Queens, Daisy of Love, Parental Control, etc, right? ;)

Dani said...

#1 - I don't watch those shows anymore. (cuz we no longer have those channels)

#2 - Those idiots weren't getting paid obscene amounts of money to just act like idiots. At least they had to work for their prizes.

Jo said...

I don't have any idea what show you are talking about, regarding the Bengals? Anyway... I totally agree with your thoughts.

It's the American and demand. As long as it makes the stations money, they will make the shows. WE have to stop watching.

Yup, I watched Bachelor Pad, I won't ever watch it again, there was absolutely no substance to the show. I checked out Jersey something or others (because someone I know, likes it), but I have to tell you.... I saw Nothing there worth watching!!

Sorry, we won't be seeing you this weekend. Sometime soon though... we have some shopping to do.

Ronja said...

To remember Anthony's number make yourself type it the next week every time you call him. You will remember it in no time... but I know the feeling it is scary how many numbers I don't know.

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