Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oscar Butt.

As promised I have pictures for you today!  Pictures of my dog's butt!  You must be so excited right?
I promise to have a much better post tomorrow.  With pictures even.

Oscar's Behind from about 2 years ago.  As you can see, he is very hairy.

This is Oscar's Gluteus Maximus from this morning.

I had to trim his tail as well as most of the fur on the back of his legs.  Here is another shot.

And just for comparison, Oscar's Bottom End at 9 weeks old.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my dog's rear end.   :)


Jo said...

Oh... I had forgotten, it was the black fur that made the Donut! Awwww, my Dunkin!

It appears you have some sort of fasination with BUTTS! Why else would you have all these pictures? I bet Anthony starts running when he sees You with a camera :)

Dani said...

Actually it was really difficult to get a picture of his rear end. I had to do it while he was eating. (notice the 9 week old picture he is also eating!)

I only have the 2008 picture from when I was making the Christmas video and I convinced Oscar to stick his head inside of a box to make it look like he was crawling in. Truthfully, I put a toy in there and he was dragging it out.

I had to look through almost every photo I have of Oscar (which is a lot!) to find the "butt" pictures. :)

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