Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oscar update.

Yesterday at lunch, Anthony went home and discovered more puke on the floor. My poor baby was still sick. We had put his food down for him and we think eating his food made him sick. (according to the doc, his system wasn't ready for normal food yet)

So I called and made an appointment and brought him to see the doctor.

Anthony fed him some white rice for lunch and when I got home my floors were clean!
white rice = good for achy belly

We went to the vet's office and the doctor and the technicians did some poking and prodding. Oscar was very well behaved through the whole process. He basically just stood on the table with his ears down and a sad look on his face that clearly said "I'm just tolerating this because you are making me do it."

His doctor even commented on how well behaved he was, but that she hadn't gotten to the worst part yet. Let's just put it this way, Oscar's eyes got all big and wide (but he still didn't try to move or bite or growl) and he probably won't want anyone near his butt for a really long time.

The basic diagnosis is this, somehow something got in his system that didn't agree with his insides. I got to learn all the how's and why's his body reacted the way it did but I won't go into great detail for you. I'm sure the post from a few days ago was gross enough. We did a test to see what kinds of bacteria he had on his insides and well, there weren't any. Neither bad or the good kind. So Oscar has some Pro-biotics for canines that he will be taking for the next 10 days to make sure he has the good bacteria that is needed for his guts.

Humans need this too, this is why you should eat your yogurt (and certain kinds of pickles, sauerkraut and other foods.)

We will be feeding him boiled hamburger and white rice for the next three days and then slowly mixing that with his normal food to reintroduce him to his old diet. We tossed out the new treats we had gotten for him last week, just in case they were causing the problem. I think I am going to try baking some dog treats for him myself. It might be cheaper than buying them at the store anyway. We shall see. I need cookie cutters. And at least that way, I will know exactly what is in his treats. We also give him carrots and peppers as snacks. He loves his veggies.

As of last night he was playing with his toys again and seemed to be acting more like himself. I think he is feeling a lot better. This morning he INHALED his white rice and hamburger and then gave me a look that said "where's the rest?". I didn't want to give him too much at once, so we will give him more tonight.

Thank you to all the well-wishes for Oscar and for the advice I received from friends. I sincerely appreciated it. Now back to somewhat normal life.

And studying for that Server+ exam. yuck.

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