Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things I learned yesterday.

I learned a few things when I got home from work yesterday.

1. Oscar still wasn't feeling well. I found puke in a few spots in the living room and when I took him for a walk he still had the runs.

2. My vet's office closes at 5pm on most days.

3. Cleaning poo out of someone's (or some dog's) bum is not pleasant. And the dog doesn't like it either.

4. My friend Marybeth sounds exactly the same on the phone as she did when we probably last spoke on the phone like 7 years ago. :)

5. It's okay to give a dog children's pepto bismol (did I spell that right?) if they have an upset stomach and they are throwing up. (Or Immodium for the other problem.)

6. Children's Pepto Bismol comes in bubble-gum flavored chewable tablets.

7. Oscar doesn't like bubble-gum flavored tablets. (someone should make beef flavored for dogs, he loves his heartworm pills!)

8. He doesn't like peanut butter covered bubble-gum flavored chewable tablets either. (My sister said "duh, if you were sick, would you want peanut butter?)

9. Shoving a pill down a dog's throat is a lot harder than you would think if you are not a practiced vet or vet tech. Oscar was particularly good at pretending it went down and then slyly spitting it out when he thought I was done "torturing" him.

10. It takes me about 10 minutes to shove the pill down his throat.

11. Pink puke does not smell like bubble-gum. (but it should!)

12. My husband is awesome for not only making me dinner last night, but for also cooking Oscar an "upset tummy" dinner for dogs. Boiled rice and meat.

13. Oscar likes boiled rice and meat, he ate about half of what we made him. He hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours, so we are happy he ate.

14. Apparently the combo of pepto and boiled rice and meat worked. No more puke for the rest of the night and when I returned from kickboxing, he greeted me at the door wagging his tail and looking much happier.

15. He was still a little poopy.

16. He doesn't know it yet, but he's getting the bath of his life tonight.

After all that, my dog STILL doesn't stink. I think he is only half dog. He's half something else. He never stinks, he doesn't make noises like a dog. He is just so odd. But so great too. :) I love my doggy. I hope that when Anthony checks on him today at lunch, that we have a fully recovered pooch.

Thank you to Marybeth and her husband John for their advice! I should see if there are any places that offer dog first aid courses. They have them for people, why not pets? I remember taking a babysitting course in 5th grade to teach you about kids and basic first aid. Why not one for pets? I should look into this.


Jo said...

Dani, your Dad and I haven't laughed this loud in such a long time! This is the best blog I have read so far. My belly hurts.

Dani said...

Thank you :)

Aunt Kathy said...

Loved it! You are a marvelous writer Dani, you bring the stories to life. :) Aunt Kathy

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